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Prize Fund and Entry Fee Update

Prize Fund and Entry Fees.

This season sees some subtle but exciting new developments to the local rules of the BB league regarding the distribution of the prize fund.

Entry Fee

Lets deal with the entry fee first. As per last year the entry fee will remain at £10 per team. The difference this year is that there is no intention from the league to chase people for their entry fee.

A strict NO PAY – NO PLAY rule will be in force for the beginning of the season.

Teams not paying their entry fee WILL be suspended until such time that they do. The new web site allows for team suspensions and re instatements with the points simply being awarded to the affected opponents each game week.

So get your money to me as soon as possible to avoid suspension and damaging your chances of ruining your season before it’s begun !!

Prize Money

We expect (if all invitations to join are accepted) that there will be an increase in the number of entrants this year with the league expanding from 20 teams to 24. This means that the prize fund will enjoy almost a 25% increase. There is however no current plan to increase the prizes for the three competitions. The fund will be allocated as per last year with £50 to the winner of the Cup Competition, £50 to the winner of the League and £100 to the team taking the Play Off trophy home.

Bonus Rounds

Instead of simply increasing these prizes slightly to use up the extra £40, a new initiative is currently under development. The intention is to identify 4 “Bonus Rounds” prior to the season kicking off in which the team scoring the most points in that single gameweek winning £10. For example the gameweeks 8, 16, 24 and 32 could be designated a “Bonus“ rounds which would therefore carry the above prize for scoring the most points. The intention is to introduce a little more interest to those long periods between cup and play off matches.

Should a team win more than one Bonus Round they would win another £10 prize meaning winning all four would total £40 for that team.

A few weeks ago we asked you a general question about the distribution of the fund but now we have more info on how much will be available we thought we would ask a slightly different question. So here is another poll for you to indicate your preference for prize money distribution. Remember if you don’t have your say you cannot criticise the final decision.


Death of the Dolls and Time called on the Tits


The League has today received confirmation that neither the Raggy Dolls nor Tinkerbelle’s Tit’s will be applying for entry into the BeerandBoobs 2011/12 competition.

Sadly we will be without one of the most competitive teams over the last two years in the Dolls and also one of the teams we all looked forward to playing because it meant an almost guaranteed 3 points in the Tits.

Tits manager Johnson has finally admitted defeat in her quest to mix it with the big boys (and Spiros) in the most competitive Fantasy Football League in the world. It will come as no surprise to those that played against her last season that she has thrown in the towel after her, quite frankly, feeble efforts at fantasy management were cruelly exposed by more capable and experienced managers She has instead bequeathed her franchise to husband Neil who will enter the Tits under a new club identity which has yet to be submitted. Let’s hope he has more idea than his misguided and deluded missus!

The absence of the Dolls however will be a big shock to some as they proved more than worthy of their place in the competition with a play off place earned two years ago and despite manager Elaine Hallam losing interest half way through the season last year they battled bravely on without her narrowly missing out on making the play offs again.

This does of course mean there is an opportunity for some new blood to take the opportunity to prove themselves against the best and the worst that the BeerandBoobs league has to offer. Already we have seen the entries of Torpedo Belgrano and the Rusty Browns managed by Andrew Gibson and Sean Parry and we are also aware of other impending new teams applying any day now.

It is shaping up to be another classic competition.

Who is your favourite for the title?

With the season only a handful of weeks away managers are starting to dream once more of the glory and fame that could await them just over nine months from now should they manage to top the league, win the cup or win the all important play off final.

The question at this stage of the season is just who will those winners be?

The previous two seasons have shown that there really is no real favourite as the season starts and last year in particular was such an open campaign that the league winners Steaua Needarest only hit the top on the final day of the season!!

Last season this blog was accused of being so far wide of the mark when it installed Sixteen Samurai as the favourites for the league title and for weeks it defended its decision until it was clear that the Samurai were actually favourites for relegation rather than adulation. Now we are not a publication that refuses to admit when we are wrong and rather than try and predict this years winners and get it completely wrong again we decided to run another poll and ask you the ones (supposedly) in the know who you think are the ones to watch this year.

Of course we fully expect one or two to vote for themselves but we thought it would be interesting all the same.

There are of course the usual suspects in the consistent performers like the ArgoDwarfs, Dragons, Untied and Steaua but don’t discount the teams that are always there nipping at the heels of the big four such as Gally City, Toffees, Phatties, Ass Kickers and the Girls. Maybe, just maybe, it is time for one of these teams to move up one more gear and become a real force within BeerandBoobs.

Then there are the teams which were finding their feet a little in their first season last year but proved that they will be a force to be reckoned with after benefitting from their first season experience. The Lightning, Real and the 69ers will be hungry for success this term.

Of course you may want to be charitable and cast your vote for a team such as BEGD FC, Corona, Samurai, Italian Job, or some such team which will be hoping that that this might just be the year that they justify their place amongst the elite.

But of course, although we have included them we don’t expect anyone to really fancy BareAssAlona. Not even Kieron himself!!

There are also a number of new teams this year and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Rusty Browns or Torpedo Belgrano could surprise us all.

So go on, place Have your say below and have your say in who the pre season favourites will be. Let’s see if you can get it right this year.

BeerandBoobs III is open!

And so it begins.

Last night saw the official launch of the new Fantasy Premier League website and as you would expect the BeerandBoobs league was one if the first to be created.

Official invites were sent out via the website itself but as per usual they did not seem to arrive so an email was sent out to this years potential protagonists late last night. Check your inboxes for the unique code and link to the website.

If yours hasn’t arrived email me and I will sort it.

By Midnight last we had two confirmed entrants in Dyslexic Untied and the Angry Dragons.

The usual debate is raging about the price if players so come on, get involved.

Spiros in Baby Slur Shocker !!

Well the season hasn’t even started yet but that did not stop Spiros Gall, diminutive manager of the ArgoDwarfs stepping off the plane from his pre season holiday on his home island of Rhodes, getting himself involved in a slanging match with one of his fellow managers.

No stranger to scandal, Gall arrived to the news that BEGD FC manager, Bradley Edwards, became the father of a bouncing baby boy for the first time just a few days ago and the proud dad was busy sharing the news with the world to widespread congratulations from all his FFL colleagues.

Spiros however spotted an opportunity to open an early war of words with one of the most popular managers in the game by declaring publicly on Twitter that young Mr Edwards “looked like a girl”. To his credit Brad was a model of diplomacy and refused to be drawn into Spiros’ little game but the little Greek shit stirrer was not to be discouraged going on to say trat BEG FC were already an easy 6 points for most of the teams in the league and now Brad will have to cope with sleep deprivation affecting his already addled decisions when it came to managing BEGD FC. He declared that BEGD FC will be challenging BareAssAlona in the race for 20th spot this year.

Of course Gall is alone in his stance as all managers condemned his comments as crass and insensitive but then what else can you expect from the sly Greek midget.

Congratulations to Brad and Georgina from the other 18 managers.

Not long to go.

Word is that the new Fantasy Football Season is imminent.

According to t’internet we won’t have long to wait before the new game will be launched on the Premier League site and as soon as it opens we will be registering the BeerandBoobs League for a third season. As soon as this is done We will of course be issuing invites to join.

We have already received one application including an entry fee!! Yes Mr John Gallagher takes the spoils in the race to be the first manager to stump up his tenner as we confirm that the 2011/12 campaign will once again be tarnished by the presence of Gally City.

For those of you that have been checking into the new blog over the last week you will notice we have been playing around with the design a little. Hope you like it.

Notice that we have a BeerandBoobs Twitter feed down the right hand side as well as some useful links across the top of the screen to allow you quick and easy access to various related sites.

So get ready for a whole new season of fun and banter at the expense of your fellow managers, well, mainly Kieron really.


Who was your team of the season last year?


With all of the excitement of the end of season play offs now consigned to history and just before we turn our thoughts to planning for next season’s campaign the League administrators decided to hold a vote for the “Team of the Year” award for 2010/2011.

Below are listed the top six nominees and a brief explanation as to their presence in the award. Please take a minute to vote for who you considered to be the team most deserving of the title.
If you disagree with the selection please add a team that you think should have been included and tell us why. (No Brad escaping relegation on the last day of the season does NOT make BEGD FC eligible for the award.
Til next time.

Welcome to the new BeerandBoobs blog!

Hello All Fantasy Managers.

Last season saw the death of the once popular BeerandBoobs Bullshit Blog (nee Bulletin) due to an embarrasing  phone hacking scandal which forced the editor to shut the publication down.

This season it has been decided that rather than a regular match report each gameweek there will be a more irreglar blogpost when notable scandals or news is worthy of sharing with you all.

Posts will be notified by twitter and email.

As we all wait for the new season to start and more importantly the fantasy game itself to open I thought I’d open with a few quick polls to ask your opinion on a few things.

First I was wondering if  you felt that the prize structure for last season was fair?

Last year saw the League winner and Cup winner get their hands on £50 each while the play off winner took home £100. Would you like a repeat of this prize structure? Would you like to see the League winners rewarded better than the play off winners or should the end of season climax be the one that is the ultimate prize?

Take part in the following poll and let me know your thoughts.