Welcome to the new BeerandBoobs blog!

Hello All Fantasy Managers.

Last season saw the death of the once popular BeerandBoobs Bullshit Blog (nee Bulletin) due to an embarrasing  phone hacking scandal which forced the editor to shut the publication down.

This season it has been decided that rather than a regular match report each gameweek there will be a more irreglar blogpost when notable scandals or news is worthy of sharing with you all.

Posts will be notified by twitter and email.

As we all wait for the new season to start and more importantly the fantasy game itself to open I thought I’d open with a few quick polls to ask your opinion on a few things.

First I was wondering if  you felt that the prize structure for last season was fair?

Last year saw the League winner and Cup winner get their hands on £50 each while the play off winner took home £100. Would you like a repeat of this prize structure? Would you like to see the League winners rewarded better than the play off winners or should the end of season climax be the one that is the ultimate prize?

Take part in the following poll and let me know your thoughts.



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  1. I want a divorce you fat fuck

  2. I think all monies should just be given to me now…

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