Spiros in Baby Slur Shocker !!

Well the season hasn’t even started yet but that did not stop Spiros Gall, diminutive manager of the ArgoDwarfs stepping off the plane from his pre season holiday on his home island of Rhodes, getting himself involved in a slanging match with one of his fellow managers.

No stranger to scandal, Gall arrived to the news that BEGD FC manager, Bradley Edwards, became the father of a bouncing baby boy for the first time just a few days ago and the proud dad was busy sharing the news with the world to widespread congratulations from all his FFL colleagues.

Spiros however spotted an opportunity to open an early war of words with one of the most popular managers in the game by declaring publicly on Twitter that young Mr Edwards “looked like a girl”. To his credit Brad was a model of diplomacy and refused to be drawn into Spiros’ little game but the little Greek shit stirrer was not to be discouraged going on to say trat BEG FC were already an easy 6 points for most of the teams in the league and now Brad will have to cope with sleep deprivation affecting his already addled decisions when it came to managing BEGD FC. He declared that BEGD FC will be challenging BareAssAlona in the race for 20th spot this year.

Of course Gall is alone in his stance as all managers condemned his comments as crass and insensitive but then what else can you expect from the sly Greek midget.

Congratulations to Brad and Georgina from the other 18 managers.


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  1. That little turk shit..

    Apparantly he used to call himself Mr Lover Lover, until he did a downs girl up the nought…

    Now they call him Mr Bumspastic…

  2. Officall statement in the Banygate affair will be posted tomorrow, delay due to my Greek lawyers unavailable as they have been out earning extra cash by doing airport runs for stranded tourists who have been stranded in resorts accross Rhodes due to the bloody taxi drivers going on strike

  3. Seems someone is jealous that my lil fella is 11 days old and still taller than him…..

    Thankyou all over managers for your congrats 🙂

  4. Official Babygate Reply from Malaka, Malaka & Malaka

    This statement is on behalf of Spiros Gall, the superbly talented manager of the finest fantasy football team in the world, Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs, the statement is made by Malaka, Malaka & Malaka Attorneys at Law, Commissioners for Oaths, and lawyers for, and official ouzo (Meltami of Lesvos, the no1 ouzo in Greece), Mythos, retsina and Metaxa suppliers to the sponsors, players and management of Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs.
    This statement is in direct response to the scandalous accusations made by the manager of the pathetic so called football team Dyslexic Untied, firstly can we say that the Dwarfs superb manager Spiros does not deny making a glaring error in announcing that his great friend Bradley “Bubba” Edwards and his lovely partner Georgina had been blessed with the arrival of a baby daughter when in fact their first born was a bouncing baby boy and on realising this calamitous error Spiros issued an immediate apology on twitter (a fact that was completely ignored by fat boy Brewder in his post on the BeerandBoobz website), we admit that the misidentification of the babies sex was almost unforgiveable we need to explain some mitigating circumstances that go some way to explaining our vertically challenged manager’s moronic mix up.
    • Firstly he received Bubba’s fantastic news whilst he was attempting to recover the suitcase of his lovely wife Angela from the carousel at Manchester Airport, a task made more difficult by the fact to enable Spiros to reach the carousel or even see the cases he needed to stand on his own case that he had managed to recover by riding the carousel and pushing it off onto the floor, his attempts were not helped by Angela shouting “You better not drop my case you short arsed moron, if you break my bottles of wine from Embona I’ll give you a swift kick in the family jewels”.
    • Secondly when Spiros was trying to read Bubba’s text he was somewhat under the influence of the falling over water, not only had he enjoyed a couple of farewell beers with his sponsors in Pefkos prior to departing for Diagoras Airport he had downed a few brandies on the plane to drown his sorrows after he had to leave his beloved island of Rhodes and return to England it’s shit weather and the realisation that he would soon be back at work suffering the shortist comments of Brewder and his sidekick Lee Cooper.
    • Finally as already sated the news of the arrival of Lucian Joseph Bailey Edwards was received by text and this presented another challenge to short arsed Spiros, whilst he may be a fabulous fantasy football manager and tactical genius he is a complete technophobe (this explains why the Mighty Dwarfs have never won a trophy, basically dim witted Spiros picks a winning team in his head but cocks up when it comes to getting this team onto the Fantasy League website meaning instead of having Luis Suarez up front he is more likely to have Luis Walsh leading his attack), so he read the first line of the text that said “Introducing my Lil” and didn’t think to scroll down to read the rest of the message and assumed the baby was a girl named Lil.
    So that explains why Spiros made his inaccurate sexing of Bubba’s baby ,now with that explained it’s time to tackle the unfounded comment attributed to Spiros by that tabloid hack Brewder suggesting that any team playing BEGD FC would have a guaranteed win, for the record we will quote what Brewder wrote in his blog “BEG FC were already an easy 6 points for most of the teams in the league and now Brad will have to cope with sleep deprivation affecting his already addled decisions when it came to managing BEGD FC. He declared that BEGD FC will be challenging BareAssAlona in the race for 20th spot this year.”
    Well we can exclusively reveal this was far from the truth in fact it was Mr. Brewder who was quick to write off the chances of BEGD FC saying that it would be another disappointing season for Bubba’s perennial underachievers and that they would probably be relegated by Christmas. Spiros however disagrees with Mr. B’s assessment of Bubba’s chances saying “This could be the year that BEGD FC reach the heights the commitment of their manager deserves, this team much like their manager is the sleeping giant of BeerandBoobs”, remember last season saw BEGD hit form at the end of the season winning 8 of their last 9 matches moving them up from the relegation zone to the dizzy heights of mid table mediocrity. Inspired by his end of season form Bubba then went on to win the Beer and Boobs Euro under 21 comp, also Spiros believes that the arrival of Bubba Jnr. will not prove a hindrance to Bubba but inspire him to achieve great things this year.
    So finally let’s look at the chances of the ArgoDwarfs this year, firstly we can confirm that whilst on holiday in Pefkos Spiros thrashed out a new contract with his sponsors, we were present ensure everything was above board and in the end Spiros managed to get a guarantee the he would not suffer the embarrassment of being sacked mid season for the third year running, so regardless of results Spiros is in the Greek hot seat for the full season. The sponsors though have demanded the pound of flesh in the form of a caveat in the contract, you may have heard the rumours that during his recent 2 week break in Pefkos our diminutive leader attracted the unwanted sexual advances of Pefkos’s only gay taverna owner, yes Tsambikos from Dama Dama restaurant took a shine to Spiros plying him with free drinks and gifts of T-shits and wine, so as part of this seasons managerial contract should the Dwarfs end the season without any silverware in the empty trophy cabinet Spiros is compelled to return to Pefkos for the 2012 summer holiday season to become Tsambikos’s bitch, apparently Spiro’s trophy wife Angela is hoping that the ArgoDwarfs have a disastrous season and she can finally pack the little man of to Greece for good.
    As the new season approaches we would like to take the opportunity to wish all the managers (with the exception of Brewder) good luck for the new season:
    Καλή τύχη σε όλους μπίρας και boobs διαχειριστές και ας προσέξουμε να μην Έλληνες φέρει στόχους

  5. Johnny Tomorrow


    What’s a T-shit??

    Is that a gay term for something??

    You are a right little perv aren’t you?

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