Who is your favourite for the title?

With the season only a handful of weeks away managers are starting to dream once more of the glory and fame that could await them just over nine months from now should they manage to top the league, win the cup or win the all important play off final.

The question at this stage of the season is just who will those winners be?

The previous two seasons have shown that there really is no real favourite as the season starts and last year in particular was such an open campaign that the league winners Steaua Needarest only hit the top on the final day of the season!!

Last season this blog was accused of being so far wide of the mark when it installed Sixteen Samurai as the favourites for the league title and for weeks it defended its decision until it was clear that the Samurai were actually favourites for relegation rather than adulation. Now we are not a publication that refuses to admit when we are wrong and rather than try and predict this years winners and get it completely wrong again we decided to run another poll and ask you the ones (supposedly) in the know who you think are the ones to watch this year.

Of course we fully expect one or two to vote for themselves but we thought it would be interesting all the same.

There are of course the usual suspects in the consistent performers like the ArgoDwarfs, Dragons, Untied and Steaua but don’t discount the teams that are always there nipping at the heels of the big four such as Gally City, Toffees, Phatties, Ass Kickers and the Girls. Maybe, just maybe, it is time for one of these teams to move up one more gear and become a real force within BeerandBoobs.

Then there are the teams which were finding their feet a little in their first season last year but proved that they will be a force to be reckoned with after benefitting from their first season experience. The Lightning, Real and the 69ers will be hungry for success this term.

Of course you may want to be charitable and cast your vote for a team such as BEGD FC, Corona, Samurai, Italian Job, or some such team which will be hoping that that this might just be the year that they justify their place amongst the elite.

But of course, although we have included them we don’t expect anyone to really fancy BareAssAlona. Not even Kieron himself!!

There are also a number of new teams this year and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Rusty Browns or Torpedo Belgrano could surprise us all.

So go on, place Have your say below and have your say in who the pre season favourites will be. Let’s see if you can get it right this year.


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  1. Of course I expect most of you will vote for your own teams and ignore the obvious threat of Untied but I think we have to be fancied for a bit of silverware this season. The Dragons will be going for three seasons in a row with something to show for it and of course Kieron will come last.

  2. Hello all managers, I think Untied and The Dwarfs are 2 teams to be very cautious of. They are like West brom away, everyone hates going there!

    myself and my BEGD FC are hoping for a regular top half of the table season with the hope of a good cup run. Unfortuntely we all know by now that things never go to plan for me haha!

    My team is picked and are enjoying a good pre season so good luck everyone!!

    Bubba – Manager: BEGD FC

  3. It’s got to be Dyslexic for me! Top team, top manager! All the haters out there are just jealous of the successful charasmatic handsome manager. I for one hope they get the rewards they thoroughly deserve this season

  4. Kieron McLoughlin

    Steaua have got to be the favourites for me. After their historic double last year, I can see them achieving more glory this year. A lot of people have likened manager Mollitt to Andre Villas Boas as one of the game’s most exciting young managers and I’d go along with that. He’s a genius. As for this season’s losers, look no further than my BareAssAlona boys. I proved how bad a manager I was last year and I can’t see this season being any different.

  5. This will be the year the ArgoDwarfs finally achieve their full potential and the Beer and Boobs trophy will be on display in Jimmy Cocktail and Dreams Bar in Pefkos next summer, main challengers will include the usual suspects the Dragons & Steua, Dyslexic are a team of has beens and they will be lucky to make the playoffs, expect strong challenges from SC Lightning and the 69er’s who will benefit from the experience gained in thier first season, new boys FC Rusty Browns managed by Baby Sean need to be watched although a couple of early season defeats could send the angry young man into meltdown, Finally this is the year that BEGD FC will fulfill their potential and I predict a playoff berth for Bubba’s Boys. With the Raggy Dolls declining to take up a franchise this year expect the Ass Kickers and the Mrs Brewders Girls head the challenge from the fairer sex, unfortunatly Kieron will once again proping up the league as he will get his Bare Ass soundly kicked for the third year running

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