Prize Fund and Entry Fee Update

Prize Fund and Entry Fees.

This season sees some subtle but exciting new developments to the local rules of the BB league regarding the distribution of the prize fund.

Entry Fee

Lets deal with the entry fee first. As per last year the entry fee will remain at £10 per team. The difference this year is that there is no intention from the league to chase people for their entry fee.

A strict NO PAY – NO PLAY rule will be in force for the beginning of the season.

Teams not paying their entry fee WILL be suspended until such time that they do. The new web site allows for team suspensions and re instatements with the points simply being awarded to the affected opponents each game week.

So get your money to me as soon as possible to avoid suspension and damaging your chances of ruining your season before it’s begun !!

Prize Money

We expect (if all invitations to join are accepted) that there will be an increase in the number of entrants this year with the league expanding from 20 teams to 24. This means that the prize fund will enjoy almost a 25% increase. There is however no current plan to increase the prizes for the three competitions. The fund will be allocated as per last year with £50 to the winner of the Cup Competition, £50 to the winner of the League and £100 to the team taking the Play Off trophy home.

Bonus Rounds

Instead of simply increasing these prizes slightly to use up the extra £40, a new initiative is currently under development. The intention is to identify 4 “Bonus Rounds” prior to the season kicking off in which the team scoring the most points in that single gameweek winning £10. For example the gameweeks 8, 16, 24 and 32 could be designated a “Bonus“ rounds which would therefore carry the above prize for scoring the most points. The intention is to introduce a little more interest to those long periods between cup and play off matches.

Should a team win more than one Bonus Round they would win another £10 prize meaning winning all four would total £40 for that team.

A few weeks ago we asked you a general question about the distribution of the fund but now we have more info on how much will be available we thought we would ask a slightly different question. So here is another poll for you to indicate your preference for prize money distribution. Remember if you don’t have your say you cannot criticise the final decision.


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  1. Option 4 is a non starter, Brewder wouldn’t know hard work if it came up behind him and bit him on the arse. Wonder who voted for option 4 less me guess “tabloid hack” himself me thinks

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