Spirosgall in “My Wife’s team is shit” Shocker

Not content with upsetting new father Bubba Edwards after the birth of his son by calling him a girl, turned his vitriolic attention to non-other than his beloved wife Angela.

Those who took part last year will be aware that Angela manages the Ass Kickers and proved herself to be well worth of her place amongst the fantasy football elite, narrowly missing out on the playoffs as her first season came to an end. Her side was difficult to beat and always a threat to the favourites last year and she is expected to build on last season this term.

However, whilst speaking “off the record” as it were, Spiros let slip that in his opinion her side is “complete shit”. He went on saying “What is she thinking of? Robbie Keane for F** SAKE!!”

When reminded that the season has not yet started and many of the teams will contain “makeshift” players while managers juggle to find the best way of fitting in 15 players to a £100m budget, Spiros would not waiver from his opinion that Angela had lost the plot.

“She shouldn’t even be considered for a franchise in this league” he ranted, “I am proud that I take part in a league made up of the most brilliant and respected managers in the world, what on earth are the league administrators thinking of letting amateurs like her in”

“Don’t get me wrong I love her to bits, she makes a cracking Kleftico and lets me do things that the dog turns its nose up at but football management?? Do me a favour!”

“If I didn’t have the respect I have for this league I would be off like a shot to form my own breakaway league” he threatened, “I could do it you know, I know people, powerful people, people who would back me and my opinions to the hilt. I’d have my own cup competition and everything”

With just 4 days to go until the start of the season the vindictive Lilliputian seems intent on making himself the man everyone loves to hate and it would seem he doesn’t care who he hurts in order to draw attention to himself.

What do you think about Spiros and his outbursts? Have your say below.


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  1. OMFG! Wee are horrified at this sexist little rant. Angela stood tall last season and her team played some great football. How can he belittle her? There’ll be bra burning in Poolstock tonight, unless the little fella can perform some of his minute magic. I’m glad other managers aren’t so low as to belittle the competition. #AngryHomunculusGall

  2. Johnny Tomorrow

    I agree Tom

    I’m hearing extra Police have been drafted into Poolstock tonight as trouble is expected

    Shocking and incendiary comments from the short one.

  3. He’s trying to worm his way out this and blaim most of it on you John, if he carrys on like this i’m going to start divorce proceedings!!

    • Johnny Tomorrow

      As a well established journalist I am used to being blamed for other people’s transgressions.

      I just report things as they happen. I even have witnesses to his comments. Their names are available….at a price.

  4. Καλησπέρα σας διαχειριστές
    OK here we go again tabloid hack Brewder has once again published a pack of half truths accompanied by downright lies, I have consulted my Lawyers Malaka, Malaka & Malaka and the crack Greek legal team have instructed to make an immediate statement to put Beer and boobs power crazed answer to Sepp Blatter in his place.
    I’m am not denying that I used the words “my wife’s team” and “shit” in the same sentence but my words were once again misquoted by the world most scandalous journalist (rumour has it the News of The World refused to give him a job prior to closing as they were worried that his unscrupulous tactics in obtaining outlandish stories could bring the newspaper into disrepute), Brewder’s Bullshit Blog misquoted by saying “Spiros let slip that in his opinion her side is “complete shit”. He went on saying “What is she thinking of? Robbie Keane for F** SAKE!!”, The truth is that he replaced currently with the word complete, thus completely altering the meaning of my words , I recognized that Angel’s team was a work in progress and as the first pass was not the strongest line unavailable. I also did strongly question the inclusion of Robbie Keane leading the Ass Kickers front line although the profanity used in JB’s article never crossed my lips as I voiced my surprise to see the Spurs striker name in the boss’s team, any manager would be forgiven for giving Robbie a wide berth after last year, a season him only play 712 minutes (equivalent to 7.9 games) bringing in a paltry return of 34 fantasy points. I am sure that by 11.30 on Saturday morning the Ass Kickers will have a team to be reckoned with(although I will have to make sure she makes to Gameweek deadline as her internal clock seems a bit off this week as today she turned up at the hairdressers at 3:30pm for a 5:pm appointment).
    Even more amazing were Brewder’s claims that I was opposed to Angela’s inclusion as a Beer and Boobs manager, last year I was instrumental in fighting for a place for Angela and the other female managers after Brewder had indicated that he would, and I quote “Ban those bloody women from having a much coveted franchise as their initial enthusiasm in managing their team usually disappears if they suffer a couple of early season defeats, furthermore if they manage a couple of lucky wins they completely lose interest over the vital Christmas period when their minds are elsewhere concentrating on Christmas shopping, cooking they Turkey and preparing for the impending January sales”. I am first to support the lady managers has they bring a much needed touch of feminine finesse to fantasy management. Also Brewder has hinted that he believes any success gained by our lady managers is down to the influence of their interfering hubbies and boyfriends, indeed he highlighted the success of his own wife’s team the Kirali Girls saying “she only does well because I basically pick her team, well not this year I’m staying well away, she’ll be relegated by January without my help”. I think this is just testosterone fuelled bravado, and if anything the consistent classy performances of Brewder’s Dyslexic Untied are probably down to the input and advice of his lady wife Joanne. Finally on the subject of lady managers anyone who has read my comment on John’s post “Who’s Your Favourite for the Title” I said that the Ass Kickers and the Kirali Girls would head the challenge for the fairer sex.
    Strangely all of these articles posted by our least favourite newspaper man seem to be aimed at one manager and his glorious team, yes me and my team SpirosAndTheArgoDwarfs, it is obvious that all these unfounded accusations are straight out of the Alex Fergusson book of mind games and are a pathetic attempt by John to unsettle the manager of a team he recognises has one of his major rivals for Beer and Boobs Glory, basically Untied will be looking out for the week they take on the Mighty Dwarfs and Brewder and his boys will be shitting themselves when the Greeks come to town.
    Before I finish I need to draw your attention to a worrying situation that has risen, last week Brewder was waxing lyrical about the popularity of “HIS” league claiming that he had lads “kicking down his back door” in an attempt to persuade him to give them a chance to prove themselves in top flight fantasy football management. Flushed with pride Brewder decided to increase the number of teams in the league from 20 to 24, and came up with a new prize structure that included 4 bonus weeks in which managers would be given the opportunity to win their entry fee back (an idea stolen from yours truly by the way). The bonus round prize fund would be funded from the additional 4 team’s entry fees; well with only four days before the season starts (riots permitting) we only have 21 teams. Mr. B has already given details of the planned bonus weeks, so if he fails to get his final three new teams how does he intend to pay out the promised prize money as he will be £30 short, presumably he will do the honorable thing and stump up the cash from his bulging coffers.
    Well once again good luck to all managers and their teams as the season draws near, and not being one to bear a grudge I do include Brewder and his team of has-beens, no hopers and one legged blind men in this good luck message
    Λοιπμην Έλληνες brearing στόχουςόν διαχειριστές, ας προσέξουμε να

    • A couple if things Kev.

      Firstly you can’t even spell your own wife’s name.

      Next you complain of me putting words in your mouth and then hypocritically do the same.

      You proceed to claim the girls and ass kickers will lead the girls teams. They only have Massey for company so that’s not difficult to predict is it?

      Finally if you read the blog again it days that the new prize structure is dependent on the 24 teams registering before the deadline.

      First rule of journalism. Get your facts straight. I always do.

  5. Kevin Spiros Gall

    OK I got Angela’s name wrong but this was an under pressure typo as I have been getting daggers all night from the boss after your latest attack on my character, and OK again your prize structure announcement does state prices are dependent on the expected 24 teams although I reckon you have employed Coopers technical expertise and managed to so how retrospectively edited your orginal blog, Obviously and more importanly how dare you abuse me of putting words in your mouth, if you say it (or I think I overheard you say it) I will publish it

  6. And according to reliable twitter sources, he has been caught rioting. When will this little tearaway be punished?

    • Johnny Tomorrow

      Evidence of Galls recent transgression have reached the newsroom. An exclusive article will be published in due course.

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