BeerandBoobs v3.0 off to a shambolic false start.

BeerandBoobs v3.01 starts this weekend.

After all of the waiting and hype surrounding the start of the new season the first weekend of BeerandBoobs v3.0 was completely ruined when the Premier League web site crashed completely on Friday night rendering logging in impossible. Such was the severity of the problem that it did not re appear until Saturday afternoon by which time the deadline for the gameweek had passed and managers were left with unfinished squads.

Two schools of thought quickly emerged. One which vehemently took the stance that those affected shouldn’t have been so numb as to leave it so late to register for the league or sort their final squad out and they should suffer the consequences and be excluded for the season or be forced to use their wildcard in the first week of the season to sort their teams out.

The other took pity on those managers who, and it should be stressed, through no fault of their own, were unable to gain access to the site before the agreed deadline to make their changes.

In a rare move the normally omnipotent league administration offered the managers the chance to vote on what action to take, whether to carry on regardless and bugger those affected or to level the playing field for everyone and scrap week one, open the league to those not able to register and start the scoring from week 2.

After a frenzied debate on Twitter where emotions ran high a vote was taken which showed that (by 11 votes to 3) the majority wished to start again this week.

The site has confirmed that transfers will be unlimited once more until the deadline for week 2 to ensure those who did register on time the same opportunity to rejig their squads if they wish to do so.

So we are once again awaiting the start of the new season, now named BeerandBoobs v3.01 which kicks off this weekend.

Good Luck Everyone


Posted on August 16, 2011, in General News. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Excellent decision taken by league administrator, democracy Iin BeerandBoobs, wonders will never cease. I don’t expect this to mark to start of a new dawn for BeerandBoobs, following this unpresidentwd move to allow managers sone input to the running the league they fund I expect that Sepp Brewder will be back to dictating policy and be making his own decisions that favour Dyslexic Untied with immediate effect


  2. Johnny Tomorrow

    Right that’s it. You’re banned for three matches with immediate effect you little shit!

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