The League finally lifts off, cries of foul play and Spiros is in bother again!!

In what has been the most stuttering and frustrating start to any BeerandBoobs season the league finally burst into life this morning when the league website was updated with results to last week’s games, fixtures for all the gameweeks and a league table.

Of course the lack of fixtures beforehand meant managers were unaware of their opponents until the results were in and when they were posted this morning they have caused both jubilation and uproar.

There were wins for new boys Engineered Eleven, and Wii Unfit
which is quite clearly beginners luck as we all know new sides in the toughest
fantasy football league in the world rarely do well. Unfit must do battle with
the Greeks next week while the Engineers will take on last year’s double
winners Steaua Needarest, games don’t come much tougher than that so we fully
expect both these upstarts to be put back in their place by Monday night.

Torpedo Belgrano on the other hand made the kind of start we
expect of newcomers scoring just 17 points and with their manager sunning his
hide on a Turkish sun lounger this week we don’t expect anything but last place
to remain theirs for a little longer.

This will of course upset BareAssalona fans who consider
last place their territory and true to form their meagre points total ensure
yet another poor start to the season for them.


Remember this day everyone as when Edwards realises he is in the top
half of the table he will surely burst.

Not everyone was happy however with Dyslexic Untied and Real
SociableDad both scoring over 50 points a win was surely in the bag but the
league fixtures had other ideas, pitting them against teams which scored even
more. After sitting all week waiting for the fixtures to be published knowing
the odds on a defeat were slim both Brewder and Jenkins were looking forward to  next week expecting the first 3 pts of the season to be assured. Instead both
managers have called for an immediate investigation to take place claiming that
Spiros Gall has infiltrated the fixture panel and offered incentives to fix the
first round to ensure victory for his side and defeats for not only his two
biggest enemies in the league but also his wife’s side The Ass Kickers.

Before anyone claims this is sour grapes one should remember
that Spiros has a very shady past and recently added to his criminal record by
getting caught red-handed in the Manchester Riots with armfuls of platform
shoes which he took before torching Wynsdors and growth hormones he grabbed  through Holland and Barrett’s smashed window. Police issued this picture on  their web site last week in which Gall can clearly be seen with his fellow gang  members after they were apprehended.

Spiros in a bit of bother!!

Gall was released on bail pending his court appearance and
is free to take the reins of the Dwarfs for this weekend’s clash with Wii Unfit
but a custodial sentence is expected soon.

For full results and league standings click here.


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  1. Clearly a case of sour grapes from our favourite tabloid hack, remember before the season started I predicted that Untied were a spent force well with an opening season defeat and a march against last years champions coming up at the weekend Brewder could find himself rubbing shoulders with Mr McLoughlin and Mr Gibson in the relegation zone. The Dwarfs victory over newcomers The Mudhut Maniacs owed much to the performance of Swansea keeper Vroom, and a major decision to who will be between the sticks this week will have to be made, one thing is for certain Chelsea rent boy Torres will be giving up the captains armband after last weeks pathetic effort, and he could well be trnsferred out after one week in the dwarfs lineup. Congratulations to my mate Bubba Edwards on his historic win, again I predicted that BEGD FC would get off to a flyer.
    As for the accusations of fixture fixing anyone who knows my technical skills will be aware that finding the on button on a computer is considered a major success. Finally I see that The technical wizardry of Dragons Boss Cooper has been put to use by Brewder, the obvously doctors picture of me in a Usual Suspects type line-up was one of a number of mock up pictures posted on Twitter last week by Mr C who was obviously short of something to do before jetting of to Majorca, anyone can tell that my head has been put onto a body of a short chap, the chap in the picture is actually a6 inches taller than me.

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