Time to take stock and welcome the newbies.

The international break this weekend has given us all the opportunity to stop and review the start to the season we have all made.

For some it has been a surprisingly good (BEGD FC, AC CORONA, COOPS TROOPS, PHATTIES) or bad (DYSLEXIC UNTIED) with some teams finding themselves in unfamiliar parts of the league table. For others it has been business as usual (BAREASSALONA)

Of course it is very early days and those experienced managers amongst us will know that only the weak and insecure manager would panic at such an early stage of the season and deploy their wildcard.

To date only one such manager has shown such frailty. Spiros, despite a record of played 2 won 2 and a points total of 114 Spiros decided his ten were still coming up short in some areas and made wholesale changes just hours after the results were in in Sunday.

Gally City have made their usual lightning start and top the table but we all know that will not last and we all look forward to watching them slowly slide back down to mid table before Christmas.

With the transfer window closing on Wednesday maybe we will see a few more wildcards played I’m order to accommodate the latest players.

The new season also brought with it am expansion to 24 teams and therefore some new players.

Mr Edwards is currently working on new club badges for all of the new sides but we can reveal the first of them as Wii Unfit managed by Stuart Gilbert.


Stuart hails from Blackpool and is fiercely proud of his hometown as well as being a huge tech geek to boot.

Strangely his loyalty to his home town does not extend to his home town club as he us one if those glory hunting football fans and pins his colours firmly to the Manchester Untied mast. Or Chelsea probably if they win this year.

Unfit have made a solid start to the season narrowly missing out on a second victory this weekend against the dwarfs when his last minute captain change was not taken into account by the website. A change which would have given him victory and a perfect start.

Such schoolboy errors are to be expected at this stage if his managerial career but his potential is obvious.

Stuart is a keen “Twit” and can be followed by searching for @stuartgilbert

Other new teams will be introduced in later blogs as and when team badges are finalised by BEGD Design.

(Any typos in this post are due to it being typed in my phone on the train to London)


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