The World has surely gone mad!!

Something is wrong.

Not something particularly terrible but more subtly wrong.

If you haven’t felt it I suggest you take a closer look at the league table.

The first thing you see is the Phatties at the top. At the top!! WTF! How on earthe did we all allow that to happen? Not only is Mr Rudd top he is also unbeaten. This tells me that he is either on the luckiest streak of his life or that his retirement from Golf has allowed him the time on a Saturday morning to pay some attention to his line ups. Either way Untied manager Brewder is hoping someone comes along to knock him off as his smirking face is putting him off his Friday night kebab.

The next two places below them also make one raise an eyebrow. Real occupy 2nd place despite their manager standing accused of offering sexual favours to potential new signings in the transfer window (see last blog post) and in third place we find BEGD FC!!! This is a team who perenially challenge BareAssAlona for bottom spot. Most of us would not begrudge their Manager Brad his time in the top eight as no one puts as much effort into their team that him but can he win it? the general consensus is no and his time in the top half will be limited so he should enjoy it while he can.

Completing the “odd squad” is Italian Job. Mangaed by a man of such principle and prejudice that he refuses to sign any player from Chelsea/Manchester City/Wales that he denies himself the opportunity to maxise his chances of gaining a high score each week. looking at his previous opponents so far this year it is not really surprising that they are where they are as they have had a very easy start to the season so far.

1 Phatasphuck F 5 0 0 279 15
2 Real Sociable Dad 4 0 1 321 12
3 BEGD FC 4 0 1 291 12
4 Coops’ Troops 4 0 1 283 12
5 New Springs 69ers 4 0 1 265 12
6 Spiros&theArgoDwarfs 4 0 1 241 12
7 Kirali Girls 3 1 1 264 10
8 Italian Job 3 0 2 293 9

It is of course no surprise to see the Dwarfs and the Girls showing strongly but the top eight has some noticeable ommisions. None of last years winners, Steaua NeedaRest (11th) or the Angry Dragons (17th) have started well and everyone’s favourite Dyslexic Untied have suffered defeats to the highest scoring team in three individual weeks despite scoring well themselves.

It is of course early in the season and normality will surely be restored soon (Even BareAssaolona are out of the relegation places!)

Gameweek 7 starts tomorrow and then a reminder that Gameweek 8 is the first of this years bonus rounds. The highest scoring team in Gameweek 8 will win £10 (or effectively their entry fee back provided they have paid).

Good Luck everyone.


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  1. Get fucked..

    I’m in it to win it this year. Real, like a viagra infused boner are going to go from strength to strength, and come season end, they’ll be standing proud as a Bonersauraus.

    Kind regards


  2. Another well written blog, despite the usual errors. Untied have 3 defeats, the latest being last week when Untied A played Untied B, yet the Dragons were the highest scoring team in that week.
    Also, the Dragons are notorious slow starters and this strategy has served them well over the last few seasons.
    Real’s manager has offered sexual favours to other managers to throw games. I have evidence if it is needed

  3. Kev’s dwarfs lost for three reasons..

    1 – He’s short.
    2 – His team selection policy is shite
    3 – He’s short.

    As for Untied, Bring your A game lad. Because by the time Real have finished with them, Their manager is gonna be walking like he’s been raped by an Incubus..

  4. Right, I’m in a good mood after Whinos beat the Wire so I’m going to go easy on everybody, firstly It seems my pre-season prediction that BEGD manager Bubba Edwards would be inspired to greatness by the arrival of his first born as come to fruition and it’s clear to see that BEGD FC has fianally realised its potential as Bubba’s boys sit proudly in third spot, the rise of BEGD has obviously meant that poor Kieron is now seeking out new mates at the bottom of the pile, so far it looks like Kieron will become very pally with loved up duo Baby Sean and Karen M who seem to be intersted in snuggling up in bed rather than effecively managing thier teams.

    Obviously Mr Brewder is blaming bad luck on his less than storming start to the season, I do have to admit he does have a point as Untied have scored heavily each week only to be pipped at the post on a few occasions. This weekend sees Mr Brewder up against Fat Col’s Real who last week had a convincing victory over my lads, Fat Col has already said my team selection was shite and it pains me to say the fat tw@ is probably right, In a mad moment last week I somehow managed to dump Arsenal frontman Van Persie only to see the Dutch guy bag 13 points. I have finally come to the concluson that my Saturday morning tinkering is costing me dearly, so far I havei played a wildcard, made every transfer possible, this is in complete contrast to Fat Col who as yet to make a single transfer, the question we need to ask is:

    As Manchester’s answer to Demis Roussos found a successful formula with his laissez faire approach to fantasy football management? I actually subscribe to the view that Col’s apparent aversion to the transfer market is just proof that the fat tw@ is lazier than a Mexican village and he is currently riding a run of luck that will prove to be a flash in the pan and once again Real will flatter to decieve and fail to make the playoffs

    So I response to Col’s ealier analysis of last weeks game:

    He won for three resons

    I cocked up

    He’s a fat tw@

    I cocked up

    Right thats it from me

  5. I stopped reading after “Right, I’m in a good mood”…

    Did i miss anything?

  6. No keeper,

    Strikers firing more blanks that Bombusfucka and midget man put together..

    Time to play a wild card for next week methinks…

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