Who will be the winners and the losers this season.

With a number of teams starting like a house on fire this season we wondered if the famed “big five” of Angry Dragons, Dyslexic Untied, Spiros and the ArgoDwarves, Steaua Needarest and the Kirali Girls might be challenged this year with a team from outside the usual group of teams which seem to perenially challenge for honours.

Will Phatasphuck FC manage to sustain their blistering pace? Are they just a flash in the pan? Have the Italian Job or BEGD FC finally got their act together? Will one of the noobs like the Mudhut Maniacs, Rusty Browns or United by Fear take the league by storm?

In addition to this we wondered whther you thought the usual suspects would also be at the bottom of the table come May. So seeing as we are now 6 weeks into the new season we wondered what your opinions were as to who the winners and losers of the league were going to be this year.

The first Poll asks who you think will take the ultimate Play Off prize and become BeerandBoobs Champions 2012. Will the final once again be contested by one of the big five like last year when Steaua Needarest took Dyslexic Untied by surprise?

Click on your “winner” below and let’s see who you think will win. In the interest of fairness we have included every one of the 24 teams so as not to exclude anyone.

Secondly a poll to ask you who you think will come flat last and suffer the fate of being relegated at the end of the year. Again in the interests of fairness I have only included the likeliest teams.


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  1. Kieron - Absolute genious of a manager

    I draw your attention to the 2nd sentence of the paragraph above the relegration voting: Again in the interests of fairness I have only included the likeliest teams.

    Why is BareAss featured 3 times? Is this because Dyslexic Untied Manager John ‘Fat Man’ Brewder is so jealous of my superb team that he has them on his mind so much?

    • What’s wrong with that sentence. I am being fair to those teams that obviously are too good to be relegated.

      Er must have been a bug in the system that pit you in three times. Honest.

  2. Where has this traditional big 5 come from? I’m racking my brains to think how all 5 could be described by the same “big” adjective & I just can’t make it work!!

  3. Where am I in the big five? Who won the final last year?

  4. Johnny Tomorrow

    Haha I’m loving the fact that creating the “big five” has caused so much controversy.

  5. Bollocks should have said rename it

  6. Its not looking good for me at the moment

  7. Bag o shite this poll…

    I’ve voted for my mate Bombuslapeado to win this. The lads a thoroughbred and has done the distance many times before..

    Plus he’s from my manor and has the correct number of digits, unlike you inbred yonners. what with your cliquey polls and Golum lookalikes…

    Bunch of jokers…

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