Poll Results and introducing the 1st BeerandBoobs Bonus Week.

Last weeks polls caused much consternation amongst the Fantasy Fraternity with accusations of vote rigging and bias against certain teams. BareAssAlona were much aggreived to be nominated three times for most likely to get relegated while many were upset to see the eventual winner of the team most likely to win the league poll win by such a decisive margin.

Despite their triple nomination BareAssAlona surprisingly escaped being crowned the leagues weakest outfit with Wii Unfit being deemed the most likely relegation candidate by the end of May. with a huge 42% of the votes Unfit are obviously considered to be profitting a little from beginners luck at the moment and most managers it seems do not expect that to continue for too long.

At The other end of the scale Dyslexic Untied, as expected, took the honour of being the leagues favourite team to win this years title with an incredible 52% of all votes cast. A landslide? Not quite, but enough to vindicate the clubs inclusion in the big 5.

The subject of the big 5 also brought a rare appearance in the forum from Mr Gallagher, manager of Gally City, who, after a three year silence felt most aggrevied that his side were omitted from this elite band. Most of the managers involved in the league will remember Gally City taking the inaugural play off final three years ago but Gallagher must have missed the email that was subsequently sent out declaring that the first season was simply a pilot year to guauge the leagues feasibility and as such all victorys were declared null and void. Effectively then Gally City have won nowt nor have they contested a final since and therefore do not warrant inclusion in the big five.

And so to this week, after the international hiatus, BeerandBoobs is back in business this weekend with a full programme of games.

More importantly this weekend sees the introduction of the Leagues first ever Bonus round (brought in to solve the problem of the extra £40 of entrance money) – *which most of you have not paid by the way – Ed.

Therefore to re-itterate the team with the highest points total of this particular gameweek will win their entry fee of £10 back. (If they have paid, if not they will be exempt from paying)

Good Luck Everyone.


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  1. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    After a great start it seems BEGD FC have ran out of a few ideas in the final third of the pitch causing BEGD FC manager to take a risk and play his wild card!

    Mixing a team of goals, creative midfielders and players that love to get forward BEGD FC are taking a fresh approach with a few surprise choices.

    BEGD FC manager explains the wild card decision and thinks the fans will be happy with his choices:
    ‘I wanted to pick a team of players that not many other teams have. This keeps it interesting and I will know that when I score points that there is less chance that weeks opposition will’

    he goes on to explain the biggest shock:

    ‘Yes, alot of fans seem unhappy that there is NO AGUERO in the squad but i think his replacement will do just as good a job and the funds released from Aguero’s sale has allowed me to strengthen other areas on the pitch’

    BEGD FC manager Bradley Edwards has also stuck to his no Kopite policy and was later heard saying:

    ‘I would rather play Victor Moses than the biggest cheat in the sport Suarez, i would be embarrassed if he played for my team, horrible big toothed pr*k. those fans at the derby who threw coins and bottles at him should be banned, but only because they missed him!’

    The one thing that is noticed about the new look BEGD FC is that the team contains a few controversial players but Bradley is convinced he can get them to play as a team and be happy.

    The new look BEGD FC will be revealed next weekend and all eyes will be on the Manchester derby with no less than 5 players from BEGD FC on display.

    Until next week, good luck everybody!

    Bradley Edwards
    Manager BEGD FC

    ‘I support 2 teams, EVERTON first and whoever is playing the redshite second!’

  2. Next week will see the start of something beautiful for BEGD FC!!!!

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