Ass Kickers manager loves going “BareAssAlona” (apparently)

One thing you can always rely on when the BeerandBoobs season starts is for our favourite little Greek to forget himself once in a while and let something slip that he really ought not to.

Already this season Spiros has got himself into hot water by publically declaring his wife’s team, The Ass Kickers “a Bag of Shite” in a pre-season press conference (see earlier post here) a discrepancy which earned him the best part of a week in the dog house with said spouse, Angela.

This week he forgot himself yet again and served up a tasty little nugget of gossip while recalling Angela’s latest little vice to the lads at work. Apparently Angela like nothing more than wandering “bareback” down the frozen food aisle in Sainsbury’s.

Yes Angela has developed an unhealthy liking to doing the shopping “Knicker-less” and can’t get enough of the sudden icy breeze you get when you open the fridge door and reach for a bag of frozen peas.

She’s in there three or four times every weekend Spiros was heard to say. it’s getting a bit worrying to be honest, She was sat on the couch watching Corrie the other night and the Iceland advert came on half way through. Before Stacy Soloman could say “Prawn Rings, only £1” she was de-briefed, in the car and half way down the street!!!

In other news the season’s first bonus round was won by the Italian Job managed by one of the league’s more affable managers, Andrew Metcalf.

In a week where most teams struggle to find 30 points the Italian Job romped to a comparatively massive 53 and as the league’s highest point’s scorers this particular week Metcalf received a crisp £10 note.

As you know Andrew handicaps himself by refusing to sign anyone who plays for Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City or who is Jewish or heterosexual so his victory this week was just as surprising as the start his side have made to the season. The Italians narrowly missed out on topping the league for the first time in their long and, less than, illustrious history on points difference.

Andrew also has a reputation for having a rather depressed demeanour but when presented with his winnings Andrew’s usual woebegone look was replace by a very unusual smile as he lifted his winnings high above his head in mock celebration.

This lasted all of around three seconds as he saw our intrepid photographer quickly snap this momentous event. Andrew apparently hates having his mug snapped but our man got the hell out of there quick sharp and ensured the image was available for publication. After failing to find the image and get it deleted Andrew turned his attention to what to spend his winnings on.

I’ve got half a dozen Prawn rings, four bags of vol au vents and a load of unwanted knickers for sale if you’re interested?”  suggested Kev.


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  1. Hope you are not suggesting I’m a heterophobe or a jewophobe? Horrendous libel! Apart from that it’s a factually accurate blog for once

  2. haha BRILLIANT! i can only imagine Angelas face when she reads this! Kev we have a spare room if you need it, all smurfed out for you 🙂

  3. Firstly thanks to my pal Bradders for the offer of a place to rest my weary head should Ang turf me out on the street, but no need as the supposed exclusive published by tabloid hack Brewder was in fact old news, Angela had already revealed the details her knickeless shopping trip to Sainsburys on Sunday when she posted the following Tweet “What a silly fool I am – gone swimming and forgot my smalls!!!”, just for clarfication by her smalls Angela was refering to her underwear and not me.

    Once again the quotes attributed to me suggesting that Angela can be found wandering commando round the supermarkets of Wigan are just inventions of Brewders perverted mind, although I can reveal that Ang did nip out for another swimming session earlier tonight and whilst she assured me that she was all knickered up she did reveal she couldnt be bothered to take a bra along for the journey home, I’m now worried that she may have found yesterdays brazen bare bottom shopping trip rather liberating and may take to “knacking off” in public on a regular basis.

    As for the footy once again the Dwarfs were given a soccer lesson by bottom club (now next to bottom club) Torpedo Belgrano, all credit to the Belgrano manager Gibbo for tooking an eight point hit in making 3 inspired tranfers that saw him secure a much needed win, so thats 3 defeats on the bounce for my boys, luckily this weekend should see me return to winning ways as I take on Mr Brewders underachieving side.

    Finally congratulations to my mate from Dickhead Corner on winning his entry fee back in the first bonus week payout, the look on Brewder’s face when he realised he actually had to refund the cash to one of the few managers who have paid thier entry fee was a sight for sore eyes.

  4. Didn’t think me forgetting my ‘smalls’ would stir such an interest! But SpirosGall is a ‘small’ man with a lot to say!!!

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