Unfit Manager in Eating Disorder Shocker!

Many a manager has at some point in their career struggled to cope with the stresses and strains of coping with life at the pinnacle of the fantasy football managers career in the toughest fantasy league in the world.

Some have the odd sulk, some like to rant on Twitter, most of us like to have a drink or two to help us manage those soaring stress levels.

However recent reports which reached the newsroom this week suggested that there are concerns in some quarters of the general state of mind of the Wii Unfit Manager – Stuart Gilbert.

Stuart is of course new to the league and although his side have had a stop/start kind of beginning to life in BeerandBoobs ® his side have by no means given any signs that they are going to struggle too much this year indeed they have been relatively competitive thus far.

Gilbert on the other hand seems to be worried that he has the ability to cope. This week our intrepid photographer snapped the unwitting Gilbert in his office having just ordered his lunch from the canteen. He can be seen half way through a MAMMOTH buffet for 12, quite alone and unprepared to share it with anyone. Our Photographer stayed on scene and can confirm almost nothing was left at the end apart from the bowl of fruit which we think is plastic and merely for show.

Gilbert stuffs his face with his buffet for "one"

An inside source close to the club told us:

“Mr Gilbert is a mess. He has ballooned to nearly 17 stone since he started managing the team. He orders huge breakfasts and lunches whilst here at the training ground and sits alone in his office with the doors locked until he has eaten the lot!!!”

After three hours of stuffing his face club officials barged the door down to find him in a heap on the floor covered in crumbs and egg mayonnaise mumbling incoherently.

Many wondered about Gilbert’s mental frailties after declaring on the teams pre season tour, after he had downed  numerous jagerbombs, that the best blow job he had ever had was when he was working the door on a Gay club in Blackpool – make of that what you will but it did not particularly win him much respect from his team. This latest headline will not do much by way of changing that.

We understand from club officials that the wider seat recently installed in the dugout was a pure coincidence rather than it being linked to the managers expanding arse and that the twelve month membership to the Flamingo Club recently found amongst the rubbish at the back of the stadium in Gilberts name was in fact a malicious  practical joke.

We will of course keep abreast of the situation with Gilbert’s health in relation to his eating disorder and report back should there be any developments.


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  1. Ha ha twats

  2. Poor Stuart. No wonder there’s so many takeaways in Blackpool

  3. Gud job I wasn’t there. He wouldn’t have stood a chance. Not called Gibbo The Buffet Slayer for nothin.

  4. Does anyone who knows him think Stuart has a look of Kieron McLoughlin manager of BareAssAlona?

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