Highton can’t win for (Sticky) Toffees.

Much has been made of the on-going unrest at former Premier League giants Blackburn Rovers and the fans protests to remove both the incumbent manager and owners.

What the press seem to have missed is that BeerandBoobs has its very own club in a similar crisis. The Sticky Toffees, once a semi successful side in the last few years have, this year, found themselves suffering a shocking run of form which has seen them firmly planted at the foot of the league and a full 21 points off the leader after just 16 games. Their season is already over in terms of any league success and they are left hoping for a fight for survival and a half decent cup run.

Toffees fans, with their pre-season hopes of a top eight finish and a shot at the title, are understandably incensed and at last week’s game against perennial strugglers BareAssAlona the home fans began to unfurl a collection of home-made banners venting their frustrations with the situation that has befallen them and leaving no one in any doubt as to who they hold responsible. The fans, it seems, have lost patience with the manager, Chris Highton, and spent almost the entire weekend chanting “Highton Out!” and sporting T shirt with the logo “100% Toffee, 0% Highton”

Toffees Fans have had enough it would seem

In What appears to be a display of Solidarity Rovers fans also unfurled banners calling for Highton’s head during their 4-2 win over Swansea at the weekend.

It would appear that Blackburn Rovers fans have a degree of empathy for them.

Highton was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press but a close friend told us that he has no intention of stepping down despite what the fans and media have to say about his managerial abilities. He believes that his side have what it take not only to survive but to succeed. He was heard to mumble on his way back down the tunnel about scoring 75 pts but still losing being unfair and that his side were not being rewarded for their efforts in a strangely similar way to which Mr Kean excuses his side’s deplorable performances in the Premier League.

Next week brings another test against Torpedo Belgrano, a side which for all the world looked like deposing BareAssAlona as this year’s joke outfit but of recent weeks have managed to show that on their day they can be a force to be reckoned with. The banners will be out in force again as it would appear that there is no way back for Highton now. Not even  4 more goals from his budget striker Yakubu will be enough to win the fans hearts back.


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  1. As rovers fans we can sympathise with the Toffees fans. HIGHTON OUT HIGHTON OUT!!

  2. Will Sticky Toffees make a move for Beer and Boobs favourite interim manger? Pavlos could be winging in from Greece as we speak, Highton Out, Pavlos In, Highton Out, Pavlos In

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