Cup Results

A weekend of HUGE scores for those with Van Persie as captain saw some very high scoring matches in both the league and the cup this week.

The right cup games were all completed with no need for any replays and the results are as below.

Angry Dragons 77 v 70 Mud Hut Maniacs

Colds Troops 69 v 86 New Springs 69ers

Doomsday Divas 45 v 87 Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs

Utd by Fear 86 v 60 Kerrbox Kicks Ass

Kirali Girls 66 v 92 AC Corona

Engineered Eleven 55 v 80 Wii Unfit

Italian Job 100 v 83 Steaua Needarest

Dyslexic Untied 98 v 79 Suxteen Samurai.

So we have the final right teams who will go into tonight’s draw at 7.15 pm live as ever on Twitter.

Bonus Week

Gameweek 24 also constituted the leagues third bonus week and this weeks winner of the £10 were Italian Job managed by Andrew Metcalf. Lucky bastard Metcalf wuns hus secind binus week of the season by having an auto sub come off the bench to pip the arguably more worthy winners Dyslexic Untied who should have won by default because his actual starting 11 was the best if the week. However, sour grapes have never been something I have been known for so congratulations to Andrew “The Fluke” Metcalf.

Unfortunately he is going to have to wait for his tenner as the Beerandboobs coffers have run dry.

If you have not paid your entry fee PLEASE make sure u get it ASAP so that I can start to pay out prize monies when they are due.

To date only 7 managers have paid up.

Remember join us on Twitter tonight at 7.15pm for the live cup draw.


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