Draws are like buses….

….you wait all season and then two come along!

The cup quarter finals were concluded two weeks ago when the New Springs 69ers and the Italian Job steam rollered their way past United by Fear and the the Angry Dragons respectively while The Dwarfs once again rode their luck and sneaked past the dominant and unlucky Untied at the death.

However, the BeerandBoobs Fantasy Football Assiciation found itself in uncharted waters this week as its prestigious cup competition was thrown into turmoil as AC Corona and Wii Unfit who drew their initial QF match,  battled out a second successive draw with each other in their replay.

AC Corona have in fact managed to draw two cup games AND a league match in the space of two weeks. Manager Hallam, who does not engage in commenting on the goings on at AC was, of course,unavailable for comment but the incredulity in the Unfit manager’s voice was tangible

@SpirosGall @johnnytomorrow @beerandboobs don’t believe it me and ac drawn again !!
09:06 AM Mar 05 from Twitter for iPad, in reply to @SpirosGall

The BBFFA immediately dusted off the competition rules to check the correct way to resolve the situation and were left embarrassed when they found that this situation had not been catered for. The cup is scheduled to cater for a draw by having a spare gameweek between rounds for replays but two consecutive draws was considered so unlikely as to be impossible.

The committee met long into the night and considered a variety of options including an actual penalty shoot out between the two managers but this was quickly dismissed as reports of the Unfit managers eating disorder spiralling out of control, if true, would mean Gilbert would simply have to stand in front if the goal and it would be completely obscured by his considerable bulk.

In the end the only way to resolve it fairly was to play the game again and hope for a result in the third time if asking.

This means that the regular schedule has been pushed back. The semi finals will now be played over gameweek 32 and the final over gameweek 34 allowing their third replay to take place this week instead.

Lets hope this saga is brought to a conclusion this week.


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  1. Considerable bulk!! TWAT

    • Johnny Tomorrow

      I only report facts and the fact is I’ve been reliably informed the sea wall in Blackpool was strengthened to allow you to continue walking along it on your lunch break.

  2. Unlucky and Dominant is quite right. The Mighty Dwarfs were completely undeserving of their win and were outplayed by Untied. They were unfortunate victims of mancini’s rotation policy when picking their defence and deserved better. Brewder is by far the best manager in the league and we should all aspire to be like him.

  3. Johnnytomorrow

    Kevin I’m sorry you feel that way. I am a model of journalistic morality and your accusation is shocking and hurtful.

  4. Typical procrastination from the BBFFA! Have a coin toss and move on like the Official cup competition. Speaking as someone who has lost to the virtual coin toss I know it’s pain but get a move on already! Organise brewery a piss up couldn’t in are words that readily spring to mind!

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