Steaua claim consecutive League Championships

!!!Steaua Needarest win 2012 League Title!!!

In a dramatic final weekend of the regular season the elusive League Championship was once again awarded to current champions Steaua Needarest. Despite a dire score which resulted in a final day defeat to Arch rivals BareAssAlona who, quite frankly annihilated their opponents, Steaua blushes were saved by an even more unlikely defeat to the only team that could have pipped them to the title as Italian Job inexplicably lost to Engineered Eleven, a team whose manager, we suspect, never even logged in through the entire season!

A victory of any sort for the Italians therefore would have handed Steaua at taste of his own medicine after winning the title last year in similar fashion when he overtook the Kirali Girls on the final day. Italian Job manager Metcalfe was utterly distraught calling for stricter rules on allowing “part time” managers into the league as they do more damage to the integrity of the competition than good, a view echoed by Spiros Gall who also called for a rewrite of the entry rules.

However, The History books will show Steaua as worthy League title winners once again and the bookmakers make them neck and neck with the Italian Job for the play off title too.

Details of the draw are yet to be released but it is worth noting, for those managers who have bothered to read this far that the season will now completely end for teams placed ninth and below as the top 8 now move into a straight knock out competition culminating in a final in three weeks time. Can the Dragons, last years Play Off winners repeat their feat? Can Untied, beaten finalists last year go one better? or will the Italians and Steaua continue their dominance of the season and ride off into the sunset with the final pot of prize money.

Congratulations then to our trophy winners so far:

BeerandBoobs 2012 Roll of Honour

BeerandBoobs Fantasy Cup Winners 2012 : Italian Job

BeerandBoobs Fantasy League Winners 2012 : Steaua Needarest


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