BeerandBoobs Premier League IV Season Preview Part 1

The League is almost upon us once more and as ever in the few days leading up to the big kick off we take a look at the teams vying to become the biggest team in Football.

Today we look at the first five of those teams.

Real Sociable Dad

Manager : Collin Jenkins

Twitter : @wobblybob1

Prediction : 9th

The Real Manager has a tendency to get embroiled in small scale skirmishes with other managers, concentrating on outwitting them on Twitter rather than on the field. Expect his close rivalry with Kev to, once again, keep Coll’s eye off the ball and ruin his season. Coll is due to spend the first few weeks of the season trying to seduce Angry Dragons Manager Cooper in Greece so a flying start is not expected.

Who R We Playin Now

Manager : Carl Curless

Twitter : @carlcurless2603

Prediction : 15th

The first of this year’s rookie managers bring his squad to the league with high hopes. We predict however that although he will have seasoned campaigner Kev as his mentor this avid Utd fan will find the going tough and may have to hope for a good cup run to bring some success in his inaugural year.

Sixteen Samurai

Manager Rory Bithell

Twitter : @cereal_killerUK

Prediction : 3rd

Two years ago we predicted that the league’s most studious exponent of FFL management would win a cup and a league title very quickly. The Samurai won the cup in their first year and the Play Offs last time round. Expect them to be in the mix again this time.


Manager : Kieron McLoughlin

Twitter : @chessstruggler

Last Season :

Prediction : Last (obviously)

Perennial losers BareAssAlona, must be commended for their bravery in sticking with a manager with a proven track record of being rubbish. Most teams would by now have packed their manager off and replaced him with anybody or anything by now. An amorphous blob of frog spawn would surely have more tactical nouse than Mr McLoughlin. Expect very little from them again.

Wii Unfit

Manager Stuart Gilbert

Twitter : @stuartgilbert

Prediction : 13th

Back for a second season after an iffy performance last year. Manager Stuart learned a few lessons and we expect him to learn from them but will need to improve greatly if he is to challenge His best chance may be a challenge for the cup. In truth though we worry about his life in Blackpool where his voracious appetite, not just for food but for the licentious pleasures of Funny Girls EVERY Friday night leave his brain addled on a Saturday morning and incapable of making good team selection decisions.

Our next five teams will be previewed on Monday.


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  1. That was one of the scariest emails I’ve ever opened. Why is there a picture of a well known local pervert at the top, with his lens out again? I thought this bacon bonce was banned from going within a fingers distance of a keyboard.
    Coll won’t need to seduce. He’ll be in me like a Chilean miner

  2. Collin jenkins


    Fucking 9th????

    Kin bender…

  3. Although Carl may not know who is team are playing I think he may surprise a few and even sneak into the top 8, Real Sociable Dad 9th, now there’s a joke, the fat bastard will come out all guns blazing and the lose interest once his thoughts turn to his Christmas dinner in December, BareAss last can’t argue with that.

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