BeerandBoobs Premier League IV Season Preview Part 2

The League is almost upon us once more and as ever in the few days leading up to the big kick off we take a look at the teams vying to become the biggest team in Football.

Tonight we look at five more of those teams.

Steaua Needarest

Manager : Ben Mollitt

Twitter : @mollitto

Prediction : League Champions

Fully established now in the new look top four Steaua followed up a phenomenally successful season two years ago with another solid season and after surviving a season where he was planning his wedding last year we expect the lack of such distraction this term to offer a great chance to add more honours. If they can start strongly we know they will finish the same way and to see them top the table will be no surprise. For sure the team to beat in the league once again.

AC Corona

Manager : Craig Hallam

Twitter : N/A

Prediction : 2nd

A privately tumultuous season last season did not stop Hallam taking his boys to a strong finish and with those troubled waters behind him we fully expect AC to kick on and build on that success. A high league finish is expected and play off glory could beckon this year.

Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs

Manager : Kev Gall

Twitter : @spirosgall

Prediction : 14th

Undoubtedly the most controversial prediction this week sees us plant the Dwarfs firmly in the bottom half of the season for the first time. Along with Dyslexic Untied they have been deposed from the old Top Four and a half and not without good reason. The Dwarfs have effectively been punching well above their weight in more ways than one for a couple of years and we think this year will be the year to catch them out and see them finish in a more realistic position. Kev will disagree, but then he disagrees with everything anyway the argumentative, gimp faced, short arsed, pigmy Bastard!!

New Springs 69ers

Manager : David Hughes

Twitter : @dhughes07

Prediction : 18th

A last minute reprieve saved the 69ers from going into administration on the eve of the season and the team will surely suffer as a lack of preparation will inevitably take its toll. Rumours that their manager has lost his mojo seem set to persist and coupled with the arrival of his first born the sleepless night which so affected the BEGDFC manager last season, we predict, will end with a disastrous final league position.

Sticky Toffees

Manager : Chris Highton

Twitter : @stick1982

Prediction : 19th

A Sleeping Giant of BeerandBoobs, Highton’s men have often threatened to light up the league but ultimately and inevitably don’t. All of the ingredients are in place for a successful club, financial security, a sports mad manager, solid squad and huge fan base but for one reason or another the Toffees (just like the manager’s beloved Everton) can’t seem to rise from their slumber. Another season starts and we can’t hear anything but snoring coming from them yet again.

Five more teams will be previewed on Wednesday


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  1. It’s often said that footy fans only hurl insults at the opposition players who frighten them with their fabulous skills, in other words “they only call good uns”, well it looks like the same can be said of fantasy league managers, Sepp Brewder is obviously scared shitless of the mighty dwarfs and thinks that I will be thrown of course with his slanderous blog comments. The dwarfs will be once again in the mix in the cup and the playoffs, remember who dumped Untied Iut of the playoffs last time around, in case you have a short memory it was the dwarfs.
    So bring on it fat boy and as always Προσέχετε Έλληνες που φέρουν στόχους

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