BeerandBoobs Premier League IV Season Preview Part 3

Continuing our series of previews for the forthcoming season here are five more teams entered into this years league.

Phatasphuck FC

Manager : Jason Rudd

Twitter : N/A

Prediction : 5th

Rudd has been slowly building up to a season where he can challenge for honours and we think this could be the season. Rather predictably the Phatties are weak in the closing weeks of the season but if Rudd can finally iron out this little problem the Phatties could sneak into the top eight this year and possibly even take the play of final. They aren’t our pick for the play off winners but we expect them to be stronger than last year and will challenge.

Fortuna Brusselsprout

Manager : Andrew Gibson

Twitter : @andygibbo134

Prediction : 17th

The Sprouts second season in the big time and another solid if unspectacular season is predicted. Gibbo is a FFL stalwart but grew up on the inferior Daily Telegraph version and found the transistion into head to head FFL difficult last season although he did not disgrace himself. A mid table finish is more than achievable but probably will not happen. Of course we exist to be proven wrong.

Italian Job

Manager : Andrew Metcalfe

Twitter : @campfredee

Prediction : 10th

A second prediction that is likely to put the proverbial cat amongst the proverbial pigeons but we cannot help feel that last season’s stunning double of the league championship and cup was a combination of good luck on their part and poor form from their opponents all happening at the same time brought such unprecedented success to a club that normally struggles due to its prejudicial transfer policy. No one would begrudge the Italians their success last year but we cannot see a repeat performance.

Dyslexic Untied

Manager : John Brewder

Twitter : @johnnytomorrow

Prediction : Play Off Winners

Perennial underachievers, Untied have suffered play off agony in each of the last three seasons. Their manager is singularly focussed on the play off title at the expense of all else. A cup win or a league title will simply feel like failure to a man who is driven by one thing and one thing only, a win in the final showcase match of the season. Untied have recruited well in the off season and will once again be one of the toughest nuts to crack. He has spent the summer painting the logo “Pain is temporary, failure is forever” in large letters all around the home dressing room. Expect big things.


Manager : Bradley Edwards

Twitter : @begdesign

Prediction: 6th and Cup winners

Can this finally be the year when Edwards takes his squad to glory. We feel it is. With a few of the old guard predicted to fall away this season teams such as BEGD FC are perfectly placed to take advantage. Last season saw a bleary eyed first time father struggle to cope with sleep deprivation and the rigours of FFL management but now we see the latent potential ready to blossom. The league and play off final may be a step too far but the cup? They would be our pick this year.

The final five teams will be previewed on Friday


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  1. More unbelievable predictions, Brad to finish 6th and win the cup, I love the big fella and it would be great to see is efforts rewarded but just cant see it happening, not going to comment on Untied to win playoffs as I’m still pissing myself laughing at that prediction.
    Once again tabloid hack Brewder has let a good story get in the way of the truth, if he casts his mind back to a convesation we had earlier today we came to the conclusion that Steaua were league winners last year, @campfredees did indeed defeat the mighty dwarfs in the cup final but they were pipped at the post by @Mollito’s boys in the race for the league title.
    Get your facts right Brewder

    • You beat me to it Kev. Brewder’s incompetency is becoming embarrassing for him and the league in general. There’s no knowing what bollocks he might come out with next.

  2. I thought my Steaua boys won the league last season but according to the above our Fuhrer seems to think otherwise. He must have missed the end of the season.
    By the way Brewder, Aguero scored with the last kick of the game on the final day and City won the Premier League….just in case you missed it.

  3. Anything but the league is failure. Playoffs and cups are for the weak, mindless idiots who know nothing about fantasy football management.

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