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BeerandBoobs League in Crisis as BareAssAlona hit top spot.

A groundswell of unrest is beginning to surface within the upper echelons of the leagues elite as the World Famous BeerandBoobs League lurches into a new and unprecedented crisis.

As the results rolled in this morning and the league table was updated many manager’s fear were realised as the competitions perennial whipping boys BareAssAlona were confirmed as being the only team to have won their first four games of the season and as such sit proudly on top of the league.

Now you may well reason that this is very early days in the competition and those managers who are new this year may well wonder what all the fuss is about but believe us when we say that this truly is a disturbing sight. BareAssAlona are known for their porr starts, poor mid season and even worse finish so to see this kind of form is truly astonishing and has left many questioning the validity of the league or even their very participation in it.

Two managers in particular went public today in their dismay that the good name of BeerandBoobs had been denigrated in such a way.

First came Ben Mollitt, manager of current league champions Steaua Needarest who said:

I’m all for scrapping the league. It’s embarrassing to be part of when BareAssAlona are top. It’s brought shame on us all!

Mollit’s comments were closely followed by Spiros Gall, manager of the ArgoDwarfs who added:

Scrap the league as the Dwarfs have imploded anyway. Also I’ve not paid my entry fee yet either.

We think this is a bit harsh to be honest and feel that Mollitt and Gall should be ashamed of themselves for such unsporting behaviour but to be honest we expect it from Spiros these days.

We say Good Luck to Kieron and his BareAss. Its good to see a new team challenging for honours and we hope he manages to maintain a challenge for silverware by the end of the season even though history will suggest otherwise.


Are Real SociableDad the worst BeerandBoobs team ever?

Real SociableDad stand on the verge of an unwanted record.

With just one game left of Game Week 4 Coll’s team have yet to hit double points!!

Are they about to record the worst total in the history of the competition and with it, officially become the worst team in the league’s history?

Of course many will argue that we have had teams finish with single figures before but that was usually due to a large number of transfers resulting in a significant points penalty.

This week’s effort from Real is purely down to lack of effort on both the players and the managers part according to his fiercest rival Spiros Gall.

The man is a joke”, Spiros argued tonight on twitter, “to have only scored 9 points after all the football that has been played this weekend is beyond ridiculous. Is this the best he can do? Which idiot approved his application for a team franchise? I am proud of the history of this competition and jokers like ths come along and treat it as a bit of fun! It makes me sick!!”

Harsh? We think it could be a little of an over reaction but still Spiros may have a point. If the big man is to convince us that he is serious about his side then we expect a big week from Real next week.

Just Who Is Pulling The Strings At The Miracles?

The BeerandBoobs inbox has been literally inundated with demands for answers to this very question this week.

As you know the Miracles became the only team to be managed by a member of the fairer sex this year after the Kirali Girls financial crisis meant that the club effectively ceased to exist.

The Miracles are the re incarnation of last season’s Kerrbox Kicks Ass and their ‘manager‘ Angela is infamously the better (and taller) half Spiros Gall. Now it must be made clear that the following view is of course in no way the thinking of the BeerandBoobs management and represents the view of the email the many emails that we received this week.

Managers across the league want to know just how this team is currently sitting proudly at the top of the league after three weeks. Now the obvious argument might be one of “beginners luck” but as we have already stated this is not the first season for Angela ( this is her third) so her credentials as a mediocre female manager are well and truly established. Nor have her scores been lucky in any sense of the word. She tops the table not only on wins but also points difference.

The emails received by the league have made suggestions of a much more nefarious nature, suggesting that the team selection and transfer policy is actually being co ordinated by the smaller but (by his own admission) “more tactically adept” Spiros*.

The results so far certainly suggest that there may be a case to answer but until a formal allegation of corruption is received then no further action can be taken.

Eyes will be closely watching these two teams as they continue their time at the top of the league and should an investigation be requested then the full force of the league constitution will of course be brought to bear on both managers.

*n.b. Of course this is not the first time an allegation of this kind has been made after the Untied manager was accused of running aforementioned defunct Kirali Girls but this instance was fully investigated and found to be simple shit stirring and petty jealousy and the manager was found to be utterly innocent of any impropriety and of course this had no bearing whatsoever on the fact that the club subsequently folded.