Just Who Is Pulling The Strings At The Miracles?

The BeerandBoobs inbox has been literally inundated with demands for answers to this very question this week.

As you know the Miracles became the only team to be managed by a member of the fairer sex this year after the Kirali Girls financial crisis meant that the club effectively ceased to exist.

The Miracles are the re incarnation of last season’s Kerrbox Kicks Ass and their ‘manager‘ Angela is infamously the better (and taller) half Spiros Gall. Now it must be made clear that the following view is of course in no way the thinking of the BeerandBoobs management and represents the view of the email the many emails that we received this week.

Managers across the league want to know just how this team is currently sitting proudly at the top of the league after three weeks. Now the obvious argument might be one of “beginners luck” but as we have already stated this is not the first season for Angela ( this is her third) so her credentials as a mediocre female manager are well and truly established. Nor have her scores been lucky in any sense of the word. She tops the table not only on wins but also points difference.

The emails received by the league have made suggestions of a much more nefarious nature, suggesting that the team selection and transfer policy is actually being co ordinated by the smaller but (by his own admission) “more tactically adept” Spiros*.

The results so far certainly suggest that there may be a case to answer but until a formal allegation of corruption is received then no further action can be taken.

Eyes will be closely watching these two teams as they continue their time at the top of the league and should an investigation be requested then the full force of the league constitution will of course be brought to bear on both managers.

*n.b. Of course this is not the first time an allegation of this kind has been made after the Untied manager was accused of running aforementioned defunct Kirali Girls but this instance was fully investigated and found to be simple shit stirring and petty jealousy and the manager was found to be utterly innocent of any impropriety and of course this had no bearing whatsoever on the fact that the club subsequently folded.


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  1. Almost believable blog until you remember that Kev has won sweet FA so to say he’s tactically more adept is a moot point

  2. Time once again to put the record straight, firstly It seems Sepp Brewder’s imagination is running away with itself, we’re is the evidence of an influx of e mails to the BeerandBoobs inbox?, obviously tabloid hack @johnnytomorrow can’t publish any as they don’t exist, how low will Brewder stoop, his claim that other managers have demanded an enquiry into the Miracles magnificent start to the season is just a contemptuous attempt to put a couple of genuine challengers off their game.
    The suggestion that I have any input on Morgi’s team selection in ludicrous, Morgi’s storming start is purely her own work, indeed any suggestions I make when she is studying form are greeted with a two fingered gesture aimed in my general direction, leaning over her shoulder to take a quick look at her weekly team picks can result in a well aimed elbow connecting with my family jewels and the suspension of certain bedroom activaties for the next two gameweeks (three weeks should Liverpool be playing at home during the afore mentioned suspension period).
    Right I’ve had my say lets hope that the more enlightened BeerandBoobs managers will start filling Breweder’s inbox with demands for his registration as league chairman after his latest attempt to undermine the credibility of to of the leagues top managers.

    • I’d print the emails but a strange virus must have deleted them so I am unable.

      Also u think you need ti use spell check a bit more.


      • I agree my spelling needs some work, should really take the time to get the laptop out and do a spellcheck, but I’m to busy running my fantasy football tip business, only £10 quid a week gets you three top player selections for each round of games, no wonder Morgi’s skint.

      • A written admission. The story is verified.

  3. Let’s get all these rumours straight, any advice I get from @spirosgall goes straight through the window, why should I listen to him, women don’t listen to men!!

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