BeerandBoobs League in Crisis as BareAssAlona hit top spot.

A groundswell of unrest is beginning to surface within the upper echelons of the leagues elite as the World Famous BeerandBoobs League lurches into a new and unprecedented crisis.

As the results rolled in this morning and the league table was updated many manager’s fear were realised as the competitions perennial whipping boys BareAssAlona were confirmed as being the only team to have won their first four games of the season and as such sit proudly on top of the league.

Now you may well reason that this is very early days in the competition and those managers who are new this year may well wonder what all the fuss is about but believe us when we say that this truly is a disturbing sight. BareAssAlona are known for their porr starts, poor mid season and even worse finish so to see this kind of form is truly astonishing and has left many questioning the validity of the league or even their very participation in it.

Two managers in particular went public today in their dismay that the good name of BeerandBoobs had been denigrated in such a way.

First came Ben Mollitt, manager of current league champions Steaua Needarest who said:

I’m all for scrapping the league. It’s embarrassing to be part of when BareAssAlona are top. It’s brought shame on us all!

Mollit’s comments were closely followed by Spiros Gall, manager of the ArgoDwarfs who added:

Scrap the league as the Dwarfs have imploded anyway. Also I’ve not paid my entry fee yet either.

We think this is a bit harsh to be honest and feel that Mollitt and Gall should be ashamed of themselves for such unsporting behaviour but to be honest we expect it from Spiros these days.

We say Good Luck to Kieron and his BareAss. Its good to see a new team challenging for honours and we hope he manages to maintain a challenge for silverware by the end of the season even though history will suggest otherwise.


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  1. “porr starts”?? I don’t know why I expect any better from amateur hack Brewder. His bitterness & jealousy know no bounds

    • And I don’t know why I expect you to read it properly. It clearly shows that the bitterness was from Mollitt and Gall. The article is quite supportive of Kieron in the end.

      Also I did some editing on my iPhone hence spelling errors.

      • You started it though with your comments last night and inviting suggestions for scrapping the league. Next you’ll be publishing topless pictures of our future queen! I’d expect nothing less with your journalistic morals! Do it John!! Do it now!!

      • Lies. You just can’t handle the truth.

  2. Tabloid Hack Brewder is back with his selective quotes from Twitter, myself and Mollits tounge in cheek remarks were in response to John’s own request for ideas on how he could scrap the league following the sensational news of BareAss’s unexpected table topping exploits. I can’t speak for Ben but my tweet was meant as a bit if fun and if John bothers to delve into today’s Twitter archives he will notice that I was quick to congratulate Kieron on his latest victory. So let’s celebrate and raise a glass to Kieron’s mighty BareAss #BareAssaretopoftheleague

  3. Burn the infidel and his lies. We, the people’s front of spherical excellence, support Master M in his quest for domination. We will do all that is necessary. Be warned Mr Brewder, we do not take lightly to such slurs on our Mr M.
    Allah is on our side. That is why we will beat the aggressor.

  4. The Dwarfs will come good…They always do..

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