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The beginning of the end for the Dwarfs?

Oh how the mighty have fallen! It appears that the once fearsome Dwarfs, the team arguably that provided one of the trickiest fixtures of the season for any BeerandBoobs team are coming apart at the seams.

Earlier this year they were deposed from the fabled big 4.5 teams when the list was re drawn before the seasons start and only a few weeks later their manager, Spiros, was exposed in a Blog exclusive to be managing not only his team but that of his wife – Morgi’s Miracles (an allegation denied by both but it’s perfectly obvious to anyone with a brain that this is true).

The latest defeat at the hands of Steaua Needarest came with the manager absent from the dugout having earlier in the day hot footed it to Spain to avoid the angry protests from fans. This defeat means the Dwarfs have only won 3 of their opening 7 games, an embarrassing record for a team once considered a giant of the competition (relatively speaking of course.)

Of course the Dwarfs have had poor form in previous seasons and twice before the clubs owners have deposed Spiros and replaced him with the managerial maestro that is Pavlos Constantinos ( or something similar) who was brought in to pull the Dwarfs from the brink of disaster.

Could the owners be considering bringing him back for a third time?


Can BareAssAlona keep up their amazing run of form?

No one has been more surprised than us so far this season with the start made by the league’s perennial losers, BareAssAlona. To put their current league position into perspective it is worth remembering that BareAssAlona have finished bottom of the league in each of the three previous seasons and no one would have predicted in Pre Season that they would not keep that proud run of poor form going this season.

However the league table never lies and BareAssAlona are the only unbeaten team this season with 7 wins from their opening 7 games and far from being the team everyone WANTS to play they are currently the team everyone wants to avoid.

With this in mind we wanted to canvas your opinion as to whether you think this brilliant and unexpected run can continue or is it a flash in the pan? Vote using the poll below and let us have your opinion.