BeerandBoobs 2013 Fantasy Cup Preliminary Draw

Last weekend saw the draw for the preliminary draw of the 2013 BeerandBoobs Fantasy Cup.

The shock of the draw was that Spiros and his Dwarfs were NOT drawn out after accusing the independent and totally impartial draw machine of being biased towards Untied due to their managers association with the league. Really Spiros, you should learn to keep your petty accusations to yourself.

As ever the draw did throw out some big sides with the previously mentioned Untied, the Dragons and Real SociableDad all having to make an early appearance in order to progress.

The draw in full was as follows.

Phatasphuck FC




Garbonzo FC





Coops Troops

Fortuna Brusselsprout




United by Fear

Angry Dragons





Dyslexic Untied




AC Corona

Real SociableDad




Killer Whippet Dogbots

Two of the league rookie teams also get their first taste of cup football with Garbonzo FC and Killer Whippet Dogbots drawn in the first and final round of the draw respectively and both will have to overcome one of the founding members of the competition in the Phatties and Real.

Once again luck shined on last years winners Italian Job as they can can concentrate on their league game as can league leaders Steaua who seem to be enjoying themselves once again at the top of the table.

The games will be played over gameweek 23 (next weekend)

Good Luck all


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  1. Another year. Another fix. Sepp is a cheat

  2. So the dream final Dwarfs v Real is not going to happen, Dwarf’s & Miracle’s managers will being tuning in for the draw on Sunday from the beach or pool at La Romana 3:00pm local time

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