BeerandBoobs Fantasy Cup 2013 Prelim Round Results

The double gameweek is finally over and with the final bonus pts being added last night we saw the scores of the preliminary cup fixtures finalised also.

A few teams further down the league may at this stage have taken the decision to make the cup their primary goal for the season having found themselves effectively out of the running for the play offs.

One of the first to make this intention public was Killer Whippet Dogbots manager Pete Lucas (@whippetdogbots). The Dogbots deployed their wildcard last week and set sail for cup glory so there was a palpable sigh of relief from Lucas when the final game last night saw them run out clear winners over the always difficult Real SociableDad. At this stage there has been no word yet from Coll as to his thoughts on the defeat.

As the only club so far to declare the cup as their main priority is it too early to install them as favourites, expecting other teams to be distracted by league games? We think so although Lucas has finally figured out the transfer procedure and results have improved of late his luck has admittedly been abysmal and will need to turn dramatically if they are to be seriously considered at this early stage.

Full results were as follows.

Phatasphuck FC 51 v 72 Garbonzo FC
BareAssAlona 49 v 75 Coops Troops
Fortuna Brusselsprout 45 v 70 United by Fear
Angry Dragons 69 v 72 BEGD FC
Dyslexic Untied 61 v 59 AC Corona
Real SociableDad 55 v 86 Killer Whippet Dogbots

There were also wins for Garbonzo FC, Coops Troops, United by Fear, BEGD FC and to relief of some but the consternation of most Dyslexic Untied.

Of the losers special mention should be made of BareAssAlona whose season has simply imploded in the last few weeks after leading the league for weeks they are now heading for the bottom half of the table and will not make the first round proper of the cup. The Phatties inconsistent form came back to haunt them and Real and the Dragons will of course claim that the cup has never been a priority as they always do as soon as they lose.

With no replays to sort out this weekend and the next round of the cup due to take place over gameweek 25, we look forward to the draw for the next round which will take place on Sunday 27th January, as ever live on Twitter at 7pm.

Good Luck All


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  1. sad to see the dream final between Real & The Dwarfs is no longer a possibility, The Dwarfs & The Miracles managers will be tuning to the draw from the beach at La Romana at 3:00 pm Dom Rep time on Sunday

  2. I wasn’t aware discussing things with you John made things public. Oh well now the cats out the bag I might have to get a new bag.

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