McLaughlin Under Pressure at BareAssAlona

Pressure is mounting on Kieron McLaughlin, manager of BareAssAlona to quit his position with immediate effect.

BareAssAlona started the season in unusual fashion by winning more games before Christmas than they normally do in a whole season leaving their fans dizzy on success they aren’t used to and leading to some managers asking that the league be scrapped and started again as their form made a mockery of time honoured BeerandBoobs tradition.

It appears that after three months of unprecedented results for this ultra unambitious club McLaughlin has finally decided enough is enough and that it was high time his side headed back where they belong at the foot of the table.

A faction of BA supporters started had already begun to vocalise their dissatisfaction with the way their team has suddenly started to nose dive and to make matters worse, BA suffered an ignominious defeat to Coops Troops in the Cup’s preliminary round this week. It did not take long for the fans to start showing their displeasure and calling for their long serving/suffering manager to get the boot.

Banners started to appear on the terraces held aloft by disgruntled fans with very clear messages for the board.


 BareAss fans send out a clear message

Not to be left out Blackburn fans, experts in manager removal tactics these days and recently appeased in their campaign to sack their fourth manager of the season, also showed solidarity with BA fans by holding up banners also calling for McLaughlin to go during their game against Brighton on Tuesday night.
pug face out

Blackburn Fans show their empathy

Will the BA board take heed and replace their main man or will they keep faith and allow him time to turn their slump around?

Does he have the ability to turn this slump around?

The fans have obviously made their mind up.


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  1. He’s a cunt. He knows fuck all about football the useless big nosed fucktard. We want Mourinho

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