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Dwarfs Get Dumped on by Dogs

Well that was one long drawn out gameweek!

With only one game to focus on this weekend, those managers left concentrating on their teams at this late stage of the season were glued to the Liverpool/Swansea game awaiting the points fest that many hoped it would be.

Among them was a fresh faced Rookie by the name of Pete Lucas who, until recently was having one of the worst runs of luck in BeerandBoobs history as the manager of the Killer Whippet DogBots , one which is only bettered by that of Who R we Playin’ Now who are quite simply having a nightmare.

Lucas has struggled to get to grips with the finer points of Fantasy Management so far this season, a fact he puts down to having information withheld from him by league administrators at the offset. An allegation, which of course, is utterly untrue as all of the rules are freely available on the website and we cannot be held responsible for managers’ inability to be arsed reading them.

Recently however the Dogbots seem to have had an epiphany. Victories are beginning to come thick and fast and the play offs have once again become a possibility rather than a pipe dream.

This week however pundits were expecting the worst from the DogBots as they faced hardened veteran Spiros and his Dwarfs. Spiros is, as we know, the master of mind games as well as the king of the double gameweek, planning well in advance of such weeks in order to maximise his chance of getting a valuable 3 points. Both sides took to the field loaded with double gameweek players and, as expected, the Dwarfs held a respectable 17 point lead going into the final game.

Surely this was a walk in the park? The Dogbots obviously had other ideas. A massive haul of points from them saw them streak past the stunned and humbled Dwarfs who simply had no answer to the onslaught from the Bots.

In the end Spiros was left embarrassed by his inability to close out a game that was eminently winnable while Lucas saw his side climb well above the relegation zone for the first time this season and within sight of that elusive 8th spot.

Angry Dragons manager Cooper, was so disgusted at Spiros defeat that he called for the league admin to consider banning him from taking part in next year’s competition in order to teach him a lesson in allowing a rookie manager to embarrass one of the leagues stalwarts in such a way.

Cooper said

“He’s giving us all a bad name with his shoddy attitude. Some one should be having a face to chest talk with the little knob and giving him a serious talking to. Let’s boot him out for a year to teach him a lesson.”

Harsh? Cooper seems to think it’s an appropriate measure. What do you think?


BBFL Cup Quarter Final Draw

Tonight, in front of a sell out audience consisting of Kev and Steve Cooper on Twitter the draw for the Quarter Final Draw of this years cup was made.

Already allegations of corruption have surfaced after the chairman quipped that he would hand Coops Troops an easy draw by giving the newly installed Cup favourites the ArgoDwarfs, a prophesy which came true and then the chairman’s own team, Dyslexic Untied was drawn against the team that many believe are the whipping boys of the league Wii Unfit.

The draw for the Quarter Finals was as follows:

Italian Job v Steaua Needarest

Garbonzo FC v BEGD FC

Dyslexic Untied v Wii Unfit

Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs v Coops Troops

Ties will be played over Gameweek 28

Good Luck Everyone.

BareAssAlona Manager calls for chairman to step down.

Fears have been growing for the sanity of BareAssAlona manager Kieron over recent weeks as fans clamour for his removal ( see link ) after a terrible run of form.

It appears that today was the straw that broke the camels back as league chairman Brewder casually referred to McLoughlin in a tweet as “KeeKee” in reference to his secret nickname used only by his girlfriend (yes he has actually got one and yes it is a real one not one you have to manually inflate)

KeeKee, sorry Kieron, immediately demanded an apology which obviously was not forthcoming from your chairman and as his ire built up over the afternoon he finally snapped and demanded a vote of no confidence be taken on the chairmanship tenure.

Contrary to popular belief the league is not an autocracy and we are only too happy for the managers to have their say in who runs the worlds best fantasy football league.

So for the first time since the leagues inception you have your chance to vote in KeeKee’s no confidence poll below.

Is Brewder getting too big for his boots or should he continue to serve the league selflessly as he has done for four years?

Now is the time to exercise your democratic right and have your say. Do you agree with Kieron or not?

Click on the poll below to register your vote.

First Round Cup Results and New Cup Favourites

The BeerandBoobs Fantasy Cup first round proper had a mixed bag of results this weekend with some some predictable and some surprising results.

Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs



60 United by Fear

Coops Troop



17 Balo’s Firework

Garbonzo FC



44 Sixteen Samurai

Sticky toffees



63 Steaua Needarest

Dyslexic Untied



38 New Springs 69ers

Who R we playin Now?




Italian Job





Killer Whippet DogBots

Wii Unfit




Morgi’s Miracles

The biggest disappointment of the weekend saw the Killer Whippet Dogbots fall foul of the dreaded “Favourites” curse. After being installed as favourites after the draw the pressure obviously became too much and despite a respectable effort they just couldn’t overcome a BEGD FC side which seems to have finally found its feet.

So the search must shift for a new “victim” of the BBFC curse.

Let’s evaluate the candidates:

Photo 14-08-2012 20 53 00

Coops Troops

Having the season of their lives after three or four very average seasons.

The Troops are looking strong for a play-off place this year and many see a bright future in the Troops young manager, although one source close to him continually describes him as “just a lucky fucker”. Is the source correct or have the Troops got what it takes to fight a battle on two fronts? cacsascascasc                                                                                                                                                                                                                             s     sss

Photo 14-08-2012 21 16 00

Garbonzo FC

Rookie team of the year without any doubt. We were warned of their manager’s attention to detail by old foe Mollitt before the season started and Big George has not let us down. Third in the league and desperate to stop Mollitt from taking top spot. There is no doubt Garbonzo have the ability to win the cup but we cannot see George being distracted in his pursuit to prevent Steaua achieving their destiny to put enough effort into the cup competition to be considered favourites. dsvsvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


Dyslexic Untied

Undoubtedly the biggest team left in the competition that has not yet lifted any silverware. There is no doubt this cup could be theirs for the taking if they concentrated solely on it but this team deserves/is capable of much more and the league/play offs is still seen as their primary goal. They will be tough to beat but ultimately they will only divert attention to it if they make the final.



Italian Job

We come to our first real contender for the cup favourites tag. The Italians are languishing just outside the play off places and have been there for most of the season. Their stop start form has kept them from occupying a top eight place all season. Last year it was a similar story and Metcalfe turned his attentions to cup glory instead with great success and he may wish to lift that trophy again this year, but we suspect he may say “been there, done that” and push for the play offs in the remaining weeks.



Wii Unfit

The minnows. Should everyone’s favourite underdogs make the cup final it will be as surprising as Bradford City’s efforts in the Capital One Cup. Unfit are the team everyone wants in the next round and their manager is taking it one game at a time whilst also trying to avoid relegation. Avoiding bottom spot is the primary focus of Blackpool’s finest. A cup final would be a great day out but ultimately victory is unlikely.



Steaua Needarest

The cup couldn’t be further from manager Mollit’s mind as he pushes metronomically on to League glory. Mollitt has turned Steaua into a machine in the league and he is concentrating only on one thing – league victories. Steaua could win this cup and Mollitt wouldn’t even notice. A contender but a unlikely to risk a league win for a cup one at this stage of the season.




Another serious contender for the favourites tag. BEGD are enjoying one of their best seasons to date after under achieving in previous years. Brad has always said that his side are a sleeping giant and this could just be the year for them. Their league form has been better of late but they are placed in 13th at the moment and are at a cross roads turn left to push for the play offs and fail with time running out or turn right and divert all resources to winning the three games left to win the cup which is well within reach now.



Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs

Many would suspect that the Dwarfs, placed as they are in 4th  are well in the running for the league title. We don’t think so. 12 point separates them from the league leaders and this is a gap too big to close for the Dwarfs with Steaua in the form that they are. Play off football is all but assured however, and this could be the time for the Dwarfs to chase the cup knowing that they will still be in the play offs when the league closes leaving them chasing two very achievable trophies. Knowing the Dwarfs love of all things shiny, it is for this reason that they are now installed as the new Cup Favourites. Let the curse live on!

Will the curse strike again?

The cup draw will take place this Sunday at 7pm as usual and Gameweek 28 will see the final eight teams take to the field to determine the semi final line up.