BareAssAlona Manager calls for chairman to step down.

Fears have been growing for the sanity of BareAssAlona manager Kieron over recent weeks as fans clamour for his removal ( see link ) after a terrible run of form.

It appears that today was the straw that broke the camels back as league chairman Brewder casually referred to McLoughlin in a tweet as “KeeKee” in reference to his secret nickname used only by his girlfriend (yes he has actually got one and yes it is a real one not one you have to manually inflate)

KeeKee, sorry Kieron, immediately demanded an apology which obviously was not forthcoming from your chairman and as his ire built up over the afternoon he finally snapped and demanded a vote of no confidence be taken on the chairmanship tenure.

Contrary to popular belief the league is not an autocracy and we are only too happy for the managers to have their say in who runs the worlds best fantasy football league.

So for the first time since the leagues inception you have your chance to vote in KeeKee’s no confidence poll below.

Is Brewder getting too big for his boots or should he continue to serve the league selflessly as he has done for four years?

Now is the time to exercise your democratic right and have your say. Do you agree with Kieron or not?

Click on the poll below to register your vote.


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