Dwarfs Get Dumped on by Dogs

Well that was one long drawn out gameweek!

With only one game to focus on this weekend, those managers left concentrating on their teams at this late stage of the season were glued to the Liverpool/Swansea game awaiting the points fest that many hoped it would be.

Among them was a fresh faced Rookie by the name of Pete Lucas who, until recently was having one of the worst runs of luck in BeerandBoobs history as the manager of the Killer Whippet DogBots , one which is only bettered by that of Who R we Playin’ Now who are quite simply having a nightmare.

Lucas has struggled to get to grips with the finer points of Fantasy Management so far this season, a fact he puts down to having information withheld from him by league administrators at the offset. An allegation, which of course, is utterly untrue as all of the rules are freely available on the website and we cannot be held responsible for managers’ inability to be arsed reading them.

Recently however the Dogbots seem to have had an epiphany. Victories are beginning to come thick and fast and the play offs have once again become a possibility rather than a pipe dream.

This week however pundits were expecting the worst from the DogBots as they faced hardened veteran Spiros and his Dwarfs. Spiros is, as we know, the master of mind games as well as the king of the double gameweek, planning well in advance of such weeks in order to maximise his chance of getting a valuable 3 points. Both sides took to the field loaded with double gameweek players and, as expected, the Dwarfs held a respectable 17 point lead going into the final game.

Surely this was a walk in the park? The Dogbots obviously had other ideas. A massive haul of points from them saw them streak past the stunned and humbled Dwarfs who simply had no answer to the onslaught from the Bots.

In the end Spiros was left embarrassed by his inability to close out a game that was eminently winnable while Lucas saw his side climb well above the relegation zone for the first time this season and within sight of that elusive 8th spot.

Angry Dragons manager Cooper, was so disgusted at Spiros defeat that he called for the league admin to consider banning him from taking part in next year’s competition in order to teach him a lesson in allowing a rookie manager to embarrass one of the leagues stalwarts in such a way.

Cooper said

“He’s giving us all a bad name with his shoddy attitude. Some one should be having a face to chest talk with the little knob and giving him a serious talking to. Let’s boot him out for a year to teach him a lesson.”

Harsh? Cooper seems to think it’s an appropriate measure. What do you think?


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  1. All I can say is well played to Mr Lucas, the dogs were worthy winners although Pete obviously has no morals by picking that little cheating shit Suarez in his side. As for fat boy Cooper comments what can I say
    1) I’m still 3 places above you baldy
    2) you only just scraped a draw when playing the Dogs earlier in the season
    3) You got mauled by Mr Curless’s boys a manager who by his own admission is not cut out for the cut & thrust of top flight fantasy management.
    I aim to bounce back this week although I’m sure Kieron will decide that this is the first week this year when he isn’t going to take a hit.

  2. Come back when you’ve won something short arse.

  3. Mr Cooper sounds like a Liverpool fan, living on past glories, but he’s right I’ve won nowt, smart arse Cooper

  4. Er. Did you recently admit that half of the emails weren’t being sent out John? Yes you did actually, therefore withholding vital information for more than half of the season. Shame on you.

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