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New competition for BeerandBoobs managers


If you are looking to fill the void between gameweeks with yet more fantasy football management then we have the answer.

Using a new website called fantasy football manager we are looking to organise a side league, entirely for the fun of it, which will be filled by beerandboobs managers.

The premise is that you manage one of the actual premier league teams such as Manchester Utd, Everton, Wigan etc and use their squads (although there is a transfer market to strengthen if you need to) Only one manger can manage each team.

The website has an app available for iOS and android devices so managing your team is really easy. The beauty of the site is that there is no waiting for gameweeks as one gameweek takes place each night so an entire season takes only 38 days. The trick is to set your team up each day using different formations and tactics in order to hopefully defeat your next opponent. Each morning when you log in the results of each game are shown and the league table updated.

Now obviously only one manager can manage say, Manchester Utd and someone will have to unfortunately manage the likes of Wigan Athletic so you might think it is not a level playing field. Indeed the chances of winning the league will be lower for those not managing a top side but the website has an anser to this to make it fairer.

Each side is given a goal to achieve, so Utd will be expected to finish 1st where as Wigan might only be expected to avoid relegation. Points are then awarded to each manager based on the results each evening for beating teams ranked higher or holding a league position higher than their actual target so it would be possible for the manager of Wigan Athletic to be top of the managers league table if they are in say, 9th or 10th place in the league if their results are good enough. This would be the table we would take the winner from and not necessarily the actual league table.

If it sounds a bit complicated, apologies, it really isn’t.

To make it fair and to avoid arguments over who manages who we are thinking of holding a draw to allocate teams which in the tradition of BeerandBoobs draws will be done in the presence of an independent adjudictor.

If you are interested in joining then either leave a reply below, tweet, text or email and we will get you involved.


Curse of the Cup Strikes Again!!

This weekend saw some scintillating Cup Quarter Final action with the final eight teams slugging it out for a semi final spot.

The quarter final stage was simply a stage too far for the newly installed cup favourites as the dreaded “favourites curse” struck once more. The Dwarfs wilted in the face of a vicious offensive by the Troops who look in good fettle with just two rounds to go.

Spiros took defeat in strangely magnanimous fashion declaring himself worthy of the tag of loser having left 14 points on his bench, a mistake also made by Brewder’s Untied which allowed BeerandBoobs’ very own Bradford City, Wii Unfit to sneak past a shocked Untied team.

Full results are below.

Steaua Needarest 81 v 56 Italian Job
Coops Troops 55 v 50 Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs
Garbonzo FC 71 v 69 BEGD FC
Dyslexic Untied 42 v 52 Wii Unfit

In the other games the league leaders, Steaua Needarest,  are still on course for an unprecedented treble as a masterful display saw them breeze past Metacafe’s Italian Job who, in true Italian fashion, simply raised the white flag in putting up a pathetic effort to win their match.

BEGD FC put up a much more spirited fight and must be feeling mightily unlucky after looking to be in a strong position going into the final game saw a certain buck toothed Uruguayan wearing the Garbonzo FC captains armband run riot to take a narrow win.

So we are now left without a cup favourite and tradition dictates that another must be independently selected. Who must now carry the burden of the “Favourites Curse”?

Wii Unfit can be instantly discounted as their appearance in the semi finals is simply down to a bad week by Dyslexic Untied and they cannot be truly considered to stand any chance. Coops Troops must be a real contender with the experience they have but manager Cooper’s attention span is still a little suspect and there are two stronger candidates left.

Garbonzo have been the surprise of the season so far although major rival Mollitt did suggest that FC’s manager Big George was quite a handy fantasy manager as the season kicked off so his second place in the league and semi final birth should not be so surprising. Could they be our new favourites with no weight of expectation to hold them back?

We don’t think so.

Steaua Needarest are attempting the leagues first ever triple as they lead the league by a considerable margin and cant seem to help but score anything less that 80 points each week at the moment. Mollitt has his eyes on the prize and beating Garbonzo FC in a final would be the cherry on the cake for BeerandBoobs most decorated manager.

Steaua therefore will be duly installed as the new cup favourites and must attempt to shake off the dreaded curse!

The semi finals will be held over gameweek 31 and the draw for the semi final lineup will be made this Sunday as usual live on twitter at 7pm