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Has BeerandBoobs become the new Scottish Premier League?

Of course we must congratulate Steaua Needarest this weekend as they celebrate an unbelievable cup and league double last week to cap yet another successful campaign with more silverware.

Apart from the inaugural season, which was struck from the records after Gally City took the title, Steaua have not failed to win something in each of the last 3 seasons.

They won the cup and league double in 2011, the league again in 2012 and the league and cup double again in 2013 with the play offs still to come.

There are two questions being asked by other managers. Can they take an unprecedented treble? And is BeerandBoobs simply becoming as one sided as the Scottish Premier League after the relegation of Rangers?

Indeed the bookies already have Steaua as shorter odds favourites for next year as Celtic for the Scottish Prem.

Does Mollitt have a secret formula? Is he just better than the rest? Is there any point entering next season?

After some deliberation on the matter we can only arrive at one conclusion.

The rest of us have lives!

While the rest of the managers are waking up on Saturday morning getting the kids ready for whatever extra curricular activity they fill their weekends with, Mollitt is studying the fixtures and the injuries to ensure maximum points for his side.

Then through the week when the rest of us are only sitting down at 9.30pm after shopping/cooking/homework/game playing/bathing or bedding the kids, Mollitt has spent three hours tweaking away at his side while his doting wife cooks cleans and generally slaves away on his behalf.

So the answer to BeerandBoobs success would appear to be to divorce the wife, sell the kids and simply live to manage your team.

Who’s first?