Dwarfs Reach New Heights

And so the final curtain has been drawn on yet another tumultuous season dominated yet again by the Fantasy Football giants that are Steaua NeedaRest. However, Steaua were unable to achieve the ultimate accolade of triple winners after they retained the league championship and the cup earlier in the season the play offs once again proved a step too far!

In fact it was anything but a giant of the league who rose to the challenge of taking the final prize of the season as two founder members of BeerandBoobs fought out the Play Off Final.  The Dwarfs and the Toffees emerged from the play offs as the two teams to play for the honour of having a star above their badge next season.

In the end the Toffees were a little disappointing and Spiros was left with plenty in the tank as his dwarfs breezed to a relatively straight forward win, the Dwarfs first major trophy in their long history.

Congratulations to the Dwarfs on both their victory and in stopping Steaua from taking every bit of prize money.

Unsurprisingly Balo’s Firework managed to finish last in the league stage – much to the delight of BareAssAlona manager McLaughlin who has made last place his own in previous seasons but BareAssAlona shouldn’t get too pleased with themselves after winning the biggest disappointment of the season award as they stormed to the top of the league in the initial weeks looking good for a play off place only to suffer a catastrophic slump over the middle of the season ending up in a poor 11th place.

Rookie of the year was scooped by Garbonzo FC finishing a fantastic 2nd in their first year and they will be definitely one to watch next season.

An Apology should be due to Morgis Miracles as this blog predicted a dire season for the leagues only female manager, when in fact they made the play off semi finals but as they did in fact win fuck all I feel justified as that exactly what we predicted they’d win.

So the season ends once again and we are left planning our strategies for next season.

Well done one and all, See you in August!!


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  1. Thanks, Chairman Sepp for your heart felt congratulations, I was over the moon to see the Dwarfs finally secure silverware after many years of being so close yet so far, if you can get my winnings across to me I will treat you to a pint and explain what it feels like to taste Beer and Boobs glory, something you can only dream about. Lets all look forward to next season the Dwarfs will be back better if not bigger as always:
    Οι Έλληνες πρέπει να προσέχετε τους στόχους εδράνου

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