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BeerandBoobs V Pre Season Preview one

Only two weeks to go now til the start of BeerandBoobs V and it about time we started to have a look at the runners and riders for glory this time around. So far we have lost two teams for sure and gained one new one so many of the rogues in the following gallery will be familiar. We start with last years play off winners.

Spiros and the ArgoDwarfs

Last Season: 5th, Play off Winners

Prediction : 4th

Most likely to: Play his wildcard inside the first 3 weeks

Least likely to: Buy a top shelf magazine without any help.

Wii Unfit

Last Season: 19th, 

Prediction : 14th

Most likely to: Win the cup

Least likely to: Admit Blackpool is a shithole


Italian Job

Last Season: 10th

Prediction : 10th

Most likely to: Feign apathy toward the whole thing

Least likely to: Publicly take it seriously

United by Fear

Last Season: 3rd

Prediction : 6th

Most likely to: Get sued for assault tackling supermarket shoplifters

Least likely to: Pick his team while sober

Who R we Playin Now?

Last Season: 18th

Prediction : 19th

Most likely to: Complain the whole thing is fixed and rigged purely to piss him off.

Least likely to: Be the first to enter BeerandBoobs VI


Last Season: 20th

Prediction : 13th

Most likely to: Improve considerably on last year

Least likely to: Actually win something

Garbonzo FC

Last Season: 2nd

Prediction : 2nd

Most likely to: Win the Play Off Final this year

Least likely to: Tweet

Sticky Toffees

Last Season: 8th, Cup Runner Up

Prediction : 12th

Most likely to: Complain he is not predicted a top 8 finish. 

Least likely to: Accept a dubious assist without complaining.

Coops Troops
Last Season: 9th

Prediction : 7th

Most likely to: Get bummed by a pervert (see pic)

Least likely to: Have John Terry meet his missus.



69ers are Gonners


New Springs 69ers manager David Hughes broke the news over the weekend that last season would be the last for his 69ers side.

The 69ers become the second team from last years competition to be wound up.

Hughes has decided that juggling fantasy management with fatherhood was simply one plate too many to spin.

Although Hughes seemed adamant that this would be the end if the road for the 69ers some still felt that the may be some hope for a dramatic change of mind with just two weeks to the season opener as peer pressure from close friend and fellow manager Cooper begins in earnest.

The door never closes in Beerandboobs (unless of course the door is actually closed due to the deadline being reached for entry of course) and Hughes crisis of faith will of course be forgiven as long as he gets his team entered on time.